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  1. This is a clear cut case of MBI/malingering. She did not have any legitimate diagnoses and was not under the care of a physician, ergo, no conflict of interest/ethics questions/differential between factitious v. organic pathology/murky diagnostic gray areas such as exist with our cohort. Much easier to prosecute an outright faker without a single clinical leg to stand on. Same for flair:CG88.

  2. Always. A clinical pharmacist mentioned this issue to us at the start of CA-1 and I never forgot it: the vials are not sterile; notice before you pop off the cap, it may have some wiggle room, and once you pop off the top, you can see that the cap is only attached by sequential prongs. It's worth the extra step.

  3. This is big-time WTAF territory! Please let it be a bug!

  4. Hi there, we do not allow posting about non-subjects or content calling others out, so G's posts are inadmissible.

  5. Hey, you are welcome to post about this without a direct crosspost link.

  6. LMFAO! She is claiming a vascular surgeon wrote this!? Oh honey, no...

  7. Removed: Rule 3. Please talk with your prescribing physician or pharmacist about this question.

  8. 100% agree. I am disturbed with a lot of medical "InFlUeNcErS" in general tbh but this is completely inappropriate.

  9. The following post or comment is being removed because it is in violation of our No Bullying rule: Do not comment on subjects' appearance for any reason EXCEPT if it is directly health-related. Body shaming, name-calling and comments on a subject's attractiveness are inappropriate.

  10. Okay, the FUCK is she just back with zero consequences for her rampant, shameless, heartless, disgusting fraud? I'm so frustrated and pissed off.

  11. Reminder: In the future, please avoid blank titles that are just emojis or wordless characters like this. It is best to give an actually descriptive caption that tells us what the post is about. This helps people to be able to decide what to read and see what the post is about, and it's easier for us to judge whether something has been posted already. A good example for this post would be: "Hope dances with joy as she discusses her upcoming port placement." Thank you so much!

  12. Heya, I know you probably meant this figuratively, but we have had problems in the past with people taking comments like this literally and being incentivized to break the rules and actually go do it. So we ask that everyone avoid statements regarding interacting with anyone we discuss in any way. It's important that we not encourage this kind of thing so we are not seen as harassing people and keep our discussion to ourselves here.

  13. Yeaaahhhh I want to see C peptide and fasting sugar series or GTFO. Also, how many hours a day is she on TPN? How can I put this without saying too much...hypoglycemia can be related. That is all.

  14. It means hard to get and delays with restocking. COVID fucked up supply chains pretty massively.

  15. I agree that it's absolutely all related. Holy Anorexia is one I HAVE to read soon, as it sounds similar to Fasting Girls by Joan Jacobs Brumberg which was a fantastic read. A bit dry and academic, but very in depth about the history of self induced illness in women. It covers so many aspects from religion to labor to family. What's really amazing is how similar soo many of the historical cases are to what we are seeing today. FD and MBI/OTT have pretty much always been around in one form or another.

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