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  1. Thank you Germany, you are my best friend,

  2. Thank you Germany, you are my best friend,

  3. Once we are on the other side, with a population that is slowly, consistently decreasing, there is no reason why we could not make it due even with tin economic growth. So we need to brace ourselves for this century, but in its later half it should start getting better.

  4. Until the late 1990's Denmark had consistently net migration. It was not until the open border Schengen that it changed to net immigration.

  5. We have been a bunch of uneducated peasants for centuries. Whoever came here, conquered us without a fight. We don't care about anything as long as you leave us alone in our huts. We are used to being ruled and we want to be ruled. We do not know anything else. We just want to bow our heads to the strong leader who will make sure we will not be pestered by any outside issues, who will give us our potatoes and will make sure that our neighbors do not have more than we do.

  6. Thats not the problem, someone(EagleSzz) on the world news reddit explained it well: "if Ukraine is going to be part of the EU, their grain would be the same standard as Poland's grain, which now it isn't. it is undermining Poland's farmers.

  7. Would Polish farmers be affected ? probably, but not to this extend, for sure Ukraine grain price would go up if they had to follow same standards, also grain would be sold more evenly in the EU, currently key issue is that something like 80% of grain that is supposed to go through to other countries instead stays in Poland, if it was spread more evenly as mentioned above, impact would be much smaller on Polish farmers.

  8. But Polish farmers can sell in the entirety of the EU. So will the Ukrainian ones if they join the EU. "Standards" are a manufactured justification for the CAP. In reality they will not have that much of a effect. The point is that in the end Ukraine will be able to produce more cheaply than Polish farmers - that was always going to be true. Ukraine joining the EU will mean shifting of the agricultural center of Europe there, and some level of reduction in agricultural production in the other member states.

  9. So much for advocating for Ukraine's quick admission to the EU.

  10. if Ukraine is going to be part of the EU, their grain would be the same standard as Poland's grain, which now it isn't. it is undermining Poland's farmers.

  11. When Ukraine joins the EU it will flood Europe with its agricultural products. No other country in Europe has such an agricultural potential. So if your farmers going out of business is a dealbreaker, then you should have not supported Ukraine's European ambitions in the first place.

  12. This! So many people have a really narrow looking glass when comparing societal structures historically.

  13. Armenian peacekeepers are needed if the russians can't fulfill their tasks.

  14. It is supposed to be peacekeeping.

  15. Yes, but there is also a ceasefire. A blockade is against the deal.

  16. This is further proof that France is the one to lead the new European army and be the main source of security in Europe after the US is removed.

  17. Not going to happen. The problem with France is not their military, but its foreign policy outlook, which is unacceptable to Eastern Europe. If European Army is to happen, its creation has to be lead by Germany.

  18. Yeeeeah so that it will be just like the energy, or the fossil fuel: shitty decisions and ruling that are positive only for Germany's economy. I can't wait to see that.

  19. Any armchair psychologists out there? With Russia fielding WW2 era equipment, how can Putin legitimately think he will win this? Like, is that not your sign to give up?

  20. He wins when the West gets bored. Then he freezes the conflict. And he gets the land corridor to Crimea as the prize.

  21. Not really. The nice thing about having a special tribunal is that it can only be used for its intended purpose, and then is disbanded, so no risk of anyone else ever ending up in front of it.

  22. A ja myślałem że ludzie przesadzają:

  23. Thank you Germany, you are my best friend,

  24. You keep leaving out the critical point here, which is that this is not just a war, but an illegal war, at least as stated by the UN rep. The notion of an illegal war is not a war that contains crimes, but a war that is itself a crime regardless of anything else. In that case, the soldiers prosecuting that war are inherently aiding an illegal act. If you aid an illegal act, you are a criminal by those laws, and no amount of hiding behind orders or command structure negates that.

  25. Military service itself isn't a crime, but if the war is illegal, than helping perpetuate it means you are aiding and abetting an illegal act. You can't call a war illegal and than in the same breath say the soldiers prosecuting that war are innocent.

  26. Mad respect to the Israelis. I wish people here in Poland had half as much spine as you do — would not have to suffer our godawful government for 8 years already.

  27. Pierdolą to ci, co widząc komentarz chwalący Izraelczyków za ich imponującą walkę o demokrację, nie mogą się powstrzymać przed atakowaniem ich, w dodatku przy okazji wdeptując na historyczną minę, ironicznie udowadniając że powypisywali bzdury.

  28. Dobrze ze jesteśmy zacofanymi Polakami i popełnianie ludobójstwa na mniejszości (tylko z nazwy bo do niedawna to mocna większość była) nam nie grozi

  29. Akurat, jest dokładnie odwrotnie — gdyby Polacy byli na miejscu Izraelczyków, to Palestyńczycy już dawno przestaliby istnieć. W końcu Polacy dokonują podobnych wyborów politycznych, i to bez konfliktu Palestyńskiego.

  30. That's very true. However, don't worry, the Mein Kampf rewrite did very well too!

  31. I am partial to the manga version myself.

  32. Ilya Ponomarev is the founder of February Morning, an opposition Russian-language online newscast aimed at viewers in Russia. Behind him is a flag symbolizing the "free Russia of the future," created following Russia's 2022 invasion of Ukraine. Ponomarev calls it the "Russian tricolor without the blood."

  33. I like the flag — it symbolism is quite powerful. Not just a Russia free of Putin, but a changed Russia, rejecting the bad, and keeping the good.

  34. Koalicja Polska ma teraz kod kreskowy jako logo?

  35. Co to znaczy sztucznie? Czy program Lewicy nie jest bardziej atrakcyjny dla kobiet, a Konfederacji dla mężczyzn?

  36. Bardziej, może. Ale faktem jest ze dobrobyt jednej płci opłaca się też drugiej. Dlatego nie jesteśmy swoimi wrogami, mamy podobne cele. Nie dajmy się skłócić politykom

  37. SO to summerize, they all agreed at Yalta on some terms. There was an expectation those terms would not be followed and preparation for an invasion. Due to UK and US assessment that Soviets would have won due to vastly superior numbers they just gave up.

  38. Yalta conference was in Februar. Operation unthinkable was shaped in May...

  39. And the free elections that were promised in Yalta were to occur in 1946, later pushed to 1947. So nobody from Yalta believed that they would be free.

  40. Why do Dalai Lamas have to be reincarnated in a temporal linear series? Does it violate our perception of time flowing in one direction? Having trouble here reconciling the human exceptionalism

  41. The reason for the reincarnation is to act as the spiritual guide. Having two at one time, and zero at other is not helpful.

  42. Then do not expect to be attractive to foreigners.

  43. Would be nice if Ukraine could count on this level of support. Or even a half. Or just a quarter.

  44. I don't think you should compare it to junk food, though.

  45. I will compare it to it, because that is how I see it. If you see it as such, you are free to compare it to Ambrosia.

  46. You seem to be a a particularly distinguished and gentlemanly edgelord.

  47. Indeed, sire! It is well known that a desire to remain well apart of others' religious impulses is the hallmark of an edgelord most keen!

  48. There is an old English poem written about them from the 700's. Here is a translation from what survived:

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