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  1. From Polish perspective it is

  2. Me, an Italian guy listening to English music and not understanding the lyrics

  3. I'm Polish and I have huge anxiety of meeting Italians in my country. It happened to me twice: I opened a the door for a person that had a baggage while not knowing they're Italian and I said in Polish "proszę" (it. prego /eng. here you go) and they gave me this weird look while saying "thank you' with Italian accent. And once upon a time while watching an Italian movie I realized that Polish "proszę", if mumbled may sound oddly similar to Italian word "frocio" which apparently means "fa**ot"

  4. Rosenrot lives rent-free in my heart

  5. What's the difference between cringy lyrical rap and good lyrical rap? I'm not a native English speaker so I may find this music slightly different than you guys

  6. I find it super weird how people refer to Heetler as some hypothetical evil that you can bring up at any point. Such destruction of a word may be dangerous

  7. Germs have been building Köln* church for few centuries

  8. Actually... It is God's smile. It was simply appropriated by some activists

  9. But meme says he lived in a big house. Pointing out that this is incorrect.

  10. It seemed bigger than my place

  11. You don't leave up to Pollos standards

  12. Alright so what is the definition of "bambik" ? I'm guessing "noob" ?

  13. Yeah pretty much. (I'm not exactly sure. i have never played Fortnite)

  14. This is also the only country in which a police chief fired a grenade launcher in a building 🤓☝️

  15. This is also the only country that loves its football players so hard that they don't even get prosecuted after killing an elder lady with their car 🤓☝️

  16. This maybe a gunshot but I'm not sure since I never was in American school

  17. It's most likely some restaurant dumpster. They sometimes have to get rid of "technically" fresh food.

  18. Son of Belgium and Ireland with war in his blood

  19. Polack doesn't offend Poles. It's literally how most of Slavic languages call them

  20. Ryszard Kukliński aka Jack Strong

  21. I've heard completely different story. Jack's work was to predict the possible variants of nuclear war which he later passed to Americans. Such plans had to involve Poland as the most-west part of the Warsaw pact.

  22. (not American) why would a politician be sad with government spending? It's kinda the point of the government to spend money on military or infrastructure. Right?

  23. Because the politicans want to sell themselves as fiscally responsible and pro small government, despite the fact that those politicans ballon debt everytime they are in power, and want to introduce more restrictions on how people live their lives. They do this to get votes.

  24. That seems to be world's problem, not something exclusively republican

  25. You could put it in the title, bro. Some people are lazy enough to not check the comments

  26. Remember to be the Polander ruzzian propaganda thinks you are.

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