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  1. We should call Mason. He know what numbers mean.

  2. My name is Mason and the numbers are her phone number

  3. 'Twas the band bus banter going on as usual however this was after our final competition in the year in which we scored higher than ever before so naturally the two senior sax section leaders (alto) and (tenor) smooch on the bus. Everyone riots in joy and laughter 🤭 😂

  4. Had a clarinet player I was great friends with (sax player) come over to my house before band practice one day.. (both sophomores) I lived across the street from our high school. My house was empty so I was feeling a lil reckless next thing I know she's in my room. I ask consent for her to lay in my bed and she agrees.. we never had sex but we just grinded lol. She was on top and Initiated however didn't say a word which I thought was weird. We move on without talking about it and next thing I know she has a new boyfriend and she spreads the rumor that I raped her to everybody including my band directors. Mind you this was 2021 Covid drama was already high but to top it all off I'm black and she was white so not a single soul believed me at first. Everyone shunned me I had a whole solo in our show on soprano sax and the praise I got before turned into contempt and hatred lol. That feels like decades ago now and I'm a much stronger better person. Definitely completely fucked tho I remember balling My eyes out when my band director told me he knew I did something bad but couldn't tell me like wtf

  5. Thank you. I don't wish for revenge but I find closure moving on from it just knowing some people will be like that and who to be around. Stay positive I'm good now :)

  6. How long after you finish did it take to receive your diploma, I just finished last night but it doesn’t say anything about me finishing but it do have other active courses

  7. Once you finish 100% it will take 2-3 weeks to receive your actual diploma

  8. I don't really understand what you mean about the courses moving but once YOU have completed EVERY SINGLE course from start to finish that is when they'll begin processing and shipping your diploma

  9. Because, in an asphalt hellscape, the odd tree provides some form of respite and that is unacceptable

  10. This is super underrated love the work

  11. Blood unable to leave your ears, resisting the teeth-clench, saliva flooding down your chin. Like Porkins in the Death Star trench: “Almost there... Almost there...”

  12. Just laughed my ass off at that video

  13. Congratulations, remember to give each other space when they need it.

  14. That's ducking hilarious I can see you've been overwhelmed before haha

  15. We some how convinced ours to let us do it at a football game this year. First try went nkt to well, but the second time was pretty good.

  16. That's what's up man!!! You'll never forget that 🤣

  17. I'm fucking dying at this one

  18. Slaughter your entire family, then manually download the dlc

  19. Please! Please! Please! You have to join! There is nothing worse than a missed opportunity, especially when it is one like band which can affect your life so positively. The potential embarrassment you may come to gain from joining is far better than losing out on an activity that could possibly help you develop into your true self and understand what it means to be disciplined and principled. On top of all of the fun times that will come along the way!

  20. As soon as I saw this my mind just out the meanacing JoJo symbols there LMAO

  21. Your comment had a “-1” on it. I’ve never seen that before so I liked it for you.

  22. This player beat me the previous match and he z stamped me so I made sure to win this time lol

  23. I didn’t notice at first but everyone please zoom in to see this mans crazy eyes 😂

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