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  1. MWFD says:

    I don’t know why they did it, but can I say how much I LOVE THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE ROPES!!!!

  2. MWFD says:

    Not only does he let them SAY anything they want, apparently they can DO whatever they want to! Who needs to manage talent?! Talent relations, shmalent relations!

  3. The real test is if he keeps taking stories from these sources that are clearly taking him for a ride.

  4. MWFD says:

    He’s too dumb (and illiterate) to be able to tell the difference.

  5. MWFD says:

    What happened to the good old days of people not liking other people because they just think they’re a bunch of little whiny pussies that don’t ever say shit to your face? No, today it’s all “you hate yourself that’s your problem”.

  6. Gotta love to see how far this continue to gets blown up and exaggerated. These reports start out as “talking with AEW” next article is Punk “being open” to return, now it’s “Punk wants to come back” and “begging to come back” and in 24 hours I’ll read that Punk wants out and is begging to work Triple Hs retirement match.

  7. I mean, to be fair, he didn’t develop his current character until well after his stint in AEW. He was pretty….. bland

  8. Very true. “That’s Matt Cardona!” - said Taz with such excitement and shock as if anyone knew the Matt Cardona name at that point. Not Matt’s fault. Stupid fucking line though by little Taz just made it even worse.

  9. Didn’t he come in and start dictating terms to Tony’s about how he won’t be seen on TV aligned with Cody? I’m glad he didn’t get signed either - I am a Matt Cardona fan - but that’s not exactly the smartest behavior to try to land a gig if that’s indeed true.

  10. Yeah it’s in large part because Tony can’t manage talent. Dudes in way over his head with this.

  11. Hey Tony, rush your angles much?

  12. Did you reboot the Meross devices and HomePods after connecting them to eero?

  13. There’s your problem, it appears that your devices are on 2 different networks. If your HomeKit device isn’t on the same network as the HomeKit hub then you’ll get a “No Response”. It’s happened to me.

  14. That is not the problem. My devices were always on the same network. I know the HomeKit error you’re referring to and that was not eh issue but thanks for the suggestion.

  15. We needed a moment where Steph dumped Cardona after he lost, and Chelsea hopped off the barricade ala Sherri Martel dumping Savage and was shooed off by Elizabeth

  16. Let’s give it a few years…

  17. And you’re expected to tip everyone now too

  18. Yeah and you’re expected to give everyone a tip.

  19. Looks like a poor mDNS implementation from meross.

  20. Thanks for the link but seems complicated and sounds like I have to add a raspberry pi homebridge element to my network? I actually do have a raspberry pi that I used to run a homebridge on but eventually just replaced those devices with smart devices that did not need homebridge. Is there any other workaround to get 2.4Ghz devices to STAY connected to the 2.4GHz frequency?

  21. The answer, unfortunately, is no. That’s the way.

  22. I hear you about Meross but any idea why home Apple HomePods wouldn’t connect either? Gen1 HomePod (not mini) would not connect to the network either. Showing No Response.

  23. I still remember this guys brutal AEW debut walking out in pajamas and literally a Mickey Mouse shirt. I know he had a nice run as the redeemer guy buy fuck was this a horrible debut.

  24. Any suggestions for which game to use DK 10% SGP boost?

  25. You weren't a stupid kid. I think the argument is that your adult perspective is more stupid. You're old enough to understand why they went the direction they did, and you let it bother you.

  26. I hear you but I am not letting it bother me. So in that regard, I think it’s a bit harsh to call my adult perspective “stupid”. I’m just having a conversation about what I would’ve preferred.

  27. I wasn't really trying to imply you're stupid. I was just continuing with the wording you chose to use. I meant no harshness or offense.

  28. All good. I understand. Thanks.

  29. Why would I sit through THREE HOURS of anything much less a show that plays the best parts on YouTube? I can watch 1 segment, maaaaybe 2-3 if it’s a “really good show” and save so much time.

  30. This same bullshit headline was posted last week with like 8 total votes. So what’s it upto 10 now? Please fuck off with this.

  31. MWFD POTD Record 1-0

  32. Sami about to get even more sympathy when the inevitable KO turn happens. Poor bastard.

  33. Loooongtime lurker here, going to give this a shot. Unit range 1-5. Most plays will be 1U.

  34. Rick Rude as clear as mud - “Does Sting not deserve … to have his neck broken by Hulk Hogan?”

  35. Except The Rockers were so innovative and 100x better than Cody/Ted.

  36. I was just thinking about this the other day. We all know Hulk obviously DID do the job to Rock, but I was thinking about the REAL match everyone wanted to see which was Hogan vs Austin. But aside from Austin not wanting to work one-on-one with Hogan due to Hogans in-ring limitations, I couldn’t help but think Hogan probably wouldn’t have agreed to job to Austin eve if Austin was willing to work with Hogan. At least not first.

  37. Taker finding out that he was losing that afternoon doesn't mean the decision wasn't made until then. With a big decision like that, I'd find it hard to believe that Vince didn't decide he wanted to do it far in advance, but waited on it to make sure he continued to feel that way out of respect for Taker. Whether people agree with the choice of Brock or not, Vince went all in on Brock following him ending the streak, like he had always seemingly wanted to do with Brock anyways, and I don't think that was a spur of the moment decision

  38. Taker specifically said multiples times the finish was Taker going over heading into Sunday. Even when he got to the arena, the finish was still Undertaker over. It wasn’t changed until mid-day.

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