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  1. Thank you! Currently 11DPO! I go in for bloodwork today, so fingers crossed!😊🤞❤️

  2. You sure you're 9dpo?! This looks like my 11 or 12dpo test!! Congratulations

  3. Thank you! Yep! My PreMom app was showing me as 9DPO! Although I hadn’t tested with OPK’s, so I could’ve been slightly off☺️

  4. This is a personal favorite of mine, the 2003 Spotted Holiday Reindeer😊 I named mine John Doe and absolutely love it!

  5. I love this!😂 My Bernese Mountain Dog is the same way, which is why I named him Tankster and called his room “Tankster’s Dump Truck Dog Park” and put my Saint Bernards in there with him😂

  6. I also grabbed the the bear in the red top and cowboy boots! I would’ve grabbed the rainbow bear but I already have one that I named Taffy❤️

  7. Hooray for the Original Glisten! Too many cuties to pick from this round, I think, although I do have special spots for Mer- and any of the Rainbows. <3

  8. Thank you so much!! I absolutely love the Glisten one! She’s got a battery pack in her, but the lights don’t turn on so I’m hoping to fix her up and see if I can get her to work again!😊

  9. If I had thrift stores like this, I would have SO MANY BEARS! I'd choose the rainbow panda, the mer-bear and probably also the fairy bear.

  10. This one’s almost 3 hours from me, but I have family up there that I stay with sometimes so I LOVE thrifting there when I go😂 Mine at home gets maybe one a week. So sad compared to others.

  11. I believe that’s because when you adopt a pet they give you a certain time frame that your account will be active as a paid account essentially. I believe there’s three options: free, paid, and deluxe. Which this would fall under paid and would mean you could play with it for I believe 5 years? Before going back to a free account again (unless another Webkinz is purchased, then the time would go back up again). :)

  12. I should probably mention that you don’t lose the pet once it goes back to a free account, it just means you can’t use as many of the features that Webkinz has.

  13. My favorite Halloween item is the haunted house from the wheel of wow! :)

  14. You’re welcome!! I hope you’re able to snatch him up!! I can’t wait until he gets here lol!!

  15. ME TOO!!! I'm so glad he's back!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Congrats on getting him!!!

  16. Thanks! I’m glad you were able to grab him as well!! I can’t believe no one’s posted that he’s back😭 I started collecting right after he was released and missed him, and I’ve wanted him ever since lol!

  17. Is that purple one custom dyed?? It looks so much like the Westie!!

  18. Actually it’s not! They made a purple Westie and this is one of them :) He’s VERY full of stuffing though so he’s as hard as a rock. If I knew I could take some out to soften him up id totally get him but I’m scared he might be a lost cause :’(

  19. She’s VERY heavy. Whoever stuffed her made her as hard as a brick, and he hair is very matted in certain spots. She’d been sitting in the store for several weeks now, but I finally grabbed her today and plan to try to restore her if I can :)

  20. I absolutely LOVE my 1997 classic brown teddy! I found him new with tags on eBay for $16. But just a heads up, he’s a lot smaller than others, and definitely not soft, and his size makes it hard to find clothes for him. But definitely still a cutie! :)

  21. You’re welcome! Feel free to message me if you have anymore questions!!☺️

  22. Some of you were interested in which clothes fit on her as she’s not a regular BAB. Shorts would probably work best as pants are too long (as shown in the pictures) but normal shirts actually fit pretty well!! Standard dresses are definitely too big, and she is actually bigger than the small fry’s (she’s bigger than my zombie frog💚). If you have any questions about her feel free to comment!!☺️❤️

  23. Also, BAB shoes are a little big on her* but not by a lot so they do work without falling off! She also has a butt tag that says 06/21 for the date!

  24. She's one of the "Create Your Own Loveable Huggable Friends" plushies! They came with stuffing and you did them yourself at home. They seem to be a Christmas thing and were sold in grocery stores.

  25. Thank you so much! I just uploaded a new post with more pictures w clothes if you wanna check it out!

  26. She seems to be one of the Build a Bear Buddies, but I can’t quite locate which one online. I have a couple, the Velcro back usually housed a voice box (though all of mine’s didn’t work bc the batteries were dead inside). I found an identical listing on eBay for this gal but the title and description weren’t very helpful, they just physically described what she looks like

  27. Thank you so much!! I’d love to see the listing if you could send it to me?☺️❤️

  28. I’ve been wanting this one for a while! I plan on naming mine Cupid💘

  29. I really like the chimpanzee! I definitely would have bought him (as long as the fur wouldn't have bothered me texture wise.) I'm happy for your finds!

  30. Thank you so much!! The chimpanzee and the panda are EXTREMELY soft! Their hair is very long and not scratchy at all!

  31. the pandaaaa! I used to have one just like it as a kid and I've been wanting to get a vintage BAB panda for a while now! So jealous. I went to my goodwill earlier in the week and they only had my little pony BABS (which I'm not interested in)

  32. I actually found it at the bottom of a Christmas bin! I definitely think someone was hiding it👀 But I couldn’t pass it up lol

  33. I decided on BugJuice for mine because I absolutely love the drink and it seemed very fitting lol

  34. Oh my god I hate that I'm working 9-5 tomorrow! I really want to go in store and get one in case they sell super quick

  35. Mine is in a smaller town and she said they’re already planning on selling out first day even though they have a bunch.

  36. I’ve been wanting one forever! But my thrift store had a note stuck to it that said it retails for $25 so they’re asking $9 and I thought that was a little steep for a place that got it for free👀 Especially if they’re taking the time to look up prices now😔

  37. What’re your thoughts on the coffee scent? Is it super strong, or kind of subtle? I REALLY wanna get it, but I haven’t decided yet lol

  38. Oof. I didn't notice they changed it again. How the heck did you find your account info? Luckily I had another tab opened from a few days ago. I just refreshed the page to see points from a recent purchase.

  39. It took me FOREVER. At the time the site was still updating. So they didn’t even have a toggle bar for the account info. Just their logo and the cart. So I had to go into the cart and click the sign up button and sign in from there and then kept clicking until I found my account info. I was having trouble finding it on my phone, my iPad AND my laptop. I hope they fix the bugs soon too cause it’s very glitchy.

  40. I noticed this as well today. I had to call customer service because my points keep getting messed up. And when she asked for my order number I had to jump through hoops trying to find it on the new website. This layout is TERRIBLE😭 It’s so hard to find your points and account information.

  41. Autumn, Boo, Bones, Cromwell, Phantom, Pumpkin, Salem, Spook, and S’more🧡 I love making names lists for when I need them later!

  42. I’m married and my husband and I sleep in a queen bed so I only sleep with one at night. But I always try to rotate cause I feel like otherwise they get jealous lol

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