News from MacGruber-2024

  1. Personally I don’t want street shoes on the approach. Rubber residue could really tweak my on-the-fringe slide knee.

  2. He doesn't use street shoes. He uses gym shoes - actually basketball shoes. Non-marking rubber soles. No worse than push-off shoes people use, probably way better in all actuality.

  3. Just because there isn’t a mark doesn’t mean it’s not leaving rubber on the lane. I’m bet you are the bowler you are talking about in your post.

  4. That binder looks sweet for the laser as well. Dm me the shop pls.

  5. Catch them all and get the crown! I had to play through the game again on a second profile to get the alternate horse and regi.

  6. Imagine if storm releases a ball and it smells like garlic😭

  7. Every pre order I have made has been there for pick up. Sorry for your luck!

  8. Obligatory suggestion to talk to your PSO pro shop operator. Ask them to watch you bowl a couple frames to determine your roll type. Also if your are purchasing your own ball you should really consider joining a fun league (not the most competitive league) as you will appreciate fresh oil and oil breakdown as well as healthy competition and camaraderie.

  9. Where can one use the art that was purchased? Does the art just stay in your wallet until you sell/transfer it after it increases in value?

  10. I think that’s it so far. I hope that eventually you’ll be able to display them in some kind of metaverse house. I just wanted to experiment with the functionality of the wallet & marketplace.

  11. Thanks for the reply. I’m kind of like a young boomer and trying to wrap my head around NFTs.

  12. Called my store for over a week, today they had them and I got one!

  13. Not on a serious level. There aren't a lot of places near me that hold decent events.

  14. Update: Last week I had some great releases and bowled a 618 series. It felt like one of those “Ah-ha” moments.

  15. I clean after every session. The Brunswick red cleaner is what I buy but I just started using diluted rubbing alcohol on my practice balls and it works just fine.

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