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  1. I suppose my Winnie would look like a cerebral palsy patient.

  2. Big Lurker Here. Just keep reading and it starts to make sense even for a smooth brain.

  3. I did hit up my pro shop today and I'll be going in tomorrow to talk to the coach about getting some lessons. It's definitely hard to find the right feel and I'm someone who goes off of that and I do agree that it will be much easier to replicate when I've done it properly a few times.

  4. Be prepared to start from scratch. I’ve had some great lessons and most were to replace bad habits.

  5. Anytime. These are 90xli Qubica AMF machines fyi.

  6. What are your thoughts on the string setters, haven’t played on them and don’t really want to.

  7. Is there a name for the certain boxes that contain playmats?

  8. To mark how much damage is on your pokémon from attacks?

  9. Well I thought the dice with the numbers on it did that. I’m talking about the dice that could be used for Yahtzee.

  10. Are the TGCplayer sellers legit 100% if they have a high rating? Kinda curious of shopping there.

  11. 9.25 x 24 bottles per case = $222 off of a $20 case of beer. Someone is getting PAID

  12. bought one typhlosion tin an pulled this card. sent to psa. never bought astral radiance again. the pull rates for this card are super low.

  13. Some might say the rarest card of Astral Radiance. I keep getting repeats.

  14. Well this whole video sums up why you need more than one ball. I don't think you need "so many" but the way bowling works, especially in tournament play, the oil on the lane rapidly changes from game to game and sometimes even from shot to shot. There is only a certain level of changes you can make with your release and footwork to cope with the change in oil.

  15. I second this ^ and well put. A three ball arsenal is the first step. Do research and watch some YouTube videos about how using different cover stock, core and layout can really tune your game.

  16. What a nice surprise from yourself! Looks like a high quality pull.

  17. It was! It's definitely from last night when I bought a few. This one must've slid off the seat on the way home 😆

  18. I am so conscious of the number of items I buy I would have turned the truck upside down last night. Going to pick up some product tonight before my shift and open when I get home as a treat. If I have a good night it will be the icing on the cake, if I have a bad night it will bring some joy (provided I get a great pull 😂.

  19. I will play a song on the jukebox if there isn’t time to chat and usually people like to share their opinions of the song/artist.

  20. no, it’s 21 now. i think it was effective some time in 2020

  21. I did not know that. I guess lotto tickets and draft cards are they only offers then?

  22. This was the reason for still being up, thank you, goodnight.

  23. Judging by these times robots are going to use this politically in the future 🤖

  24. Damn that's awesome. I have no confidence in my luck. I feel like I could open 3 booster boxes and wouldn't get one lol

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