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  1. i love him! 🥹 the super woman picture is so goood… he’s powerful i can just tell

  2. Tysm 🥹💜 he is a very strong & powerful boy I’m proud of him

  3. First one is definitely Princess Melly on youtube. She's Korean, so the patterns she use might be handmade. She did however research the style she was trying to emulate, but I can't find this style specifically when looking for "vintage teddy bears"

  4. I think the style matches something close to the 30s or 40s, but I can't place the name of the style

  5. I actually DMed her a month or so ago so I could buy one of her plushies, they’re kinda expensive tho understandably, so I’m saving up for Saekomi bear in the future 🥲💙

  6. Oh my bad haha, yeah I’m subscribed to her on YouTube & that’s a screenshot I took from her video! Guess I should have prefaced that 😂 I had a feeling she probably made the pattern herself, but then I saw that other plush & the pattern seemed kinda similar, so I thought maybe it was a pattern that existed somewhere already. I’ve been searching around using those key words, but haven’t rly found anything quite like it, so I just tried to replicate it the best I could. Ty for this tho, in case I didn’t know the artists already!

  7. I'm so glad you posted this question! I know how frustrating it is, I've done it myself. Your post is probably going to help a lot of people who wouldn't have asked, and may have given up in frustration.

  8. Yes! I always look up “my question + Reddit” now whenever I need help with something lmao. Also thank you sm 😭 it’s my second plushie I’ve made now & im shocked the pattern ended up looking okay!

  9. No problem, best of luck!!! 😭 looking forward to seeing how it comes out 😄

  10. I got ooolong switches for my Ikki68 Dreamscape - because it was recommended to get long pole switches due to the SB layout on the PCB causes interference with cherry profile keycaps. I just finished building my keyboard, and it still has interference on the SB even with these super long pole switches? Which switches would get rid of this interference?

  11. Looks like before thy sew the pieces of the pattern togeather they did a top stitch on the horns flat peice. When stuffed, the fabric stretches but not the top stitch, causing the bulg and ring look ♡

  12. Thank you guys so much! I want to make my own larger version of this plush :o) he’s a little croissant dog LOL. But the horns were stumping me on how it was done. Appreciate the tips! 😇

  13. For bulky material like that you might be better off thread sculpting the shape you want

  14. Thanks for showing me this! Actually was thinking of this technique, but I wasn’t sure what it was called. I ended up just sewing it normally, it looks silly but it gives it more character 😭 I’m gonna keep this in mind for next time though!

  15. Awesome! What synths and effects did you use?

  16. Aw thank you! I just used a guitar synth and tweaked around with it, lots of reverb & resonance lmao

  17. i got the ring and it cost £50 but it’s literally made of brass and not even sterling silver so i have to take it off every time i wash my hands. i have sterling silver rings that cost £25 - £30 so knew this was a rip off immediately. it also was packaged really awfully and came in a shitty thin cardboard box with the barcode slapped on and in plastic wrap. honestly, i’m not fussy at all but it’s funny to me cos you’d think (or i did anyways) that a big ‘designer’ brand like marc jacobs would be better quality but i guess you’re just paying for the name essentially - which is not my thing at all and something i hugely resent about the fashion industry. however i love cocteau twins sm and have never seen any merch or collabs ofc so i could justify buying it cos i like jewellery and have a big ring collection.

  18. Yeah I pretty much share the exact same thoughts as you lmao. I noticed the packaging too & was a little offended by how half-ass it was. I’ve also been taking off my ring when washing my hands as well lol. I do anyway regardless of the metal, but yea given that it’s a cocteau twins ring it’s something I hope to keep for awhile. But it’ll probably get all oxidized & nasty in a year or so, which is shitty. I have the baby tee as well & the quality is fine. Definitely not $80 dollar quality though. If there were more higher quality options for merch out there - besides spending 2k on a vintage shirt LOL, I wouldn’t even bother with MJ.

  19. I'm a huge Cocteau Twins fan and when I saw this I honestly thought it was super cool, but I think its ridiculous to sell a reprint of a concert ticket for $45 + tax for a concert most didn't even go to, as well as for a bobby pin that says heaven or las vegas on it... I could see maybe $15-$20 is a little more reasonable but I don't know. I think the concept is awesome and I love how they are incorporating the album artwork into the clothes like the HOLV skirt but it just kinda goes to show how many people just want this stuff because its heaven by marc jacobs, and I wonder if they even listen to Cocteau Twins or appreciate them; hopefully they will listen to their music after buying

  20. Yeah I’m pretty much in the same boat, I personally like some of the stuff they put out despite what other people have said. I ended up getting the shirt & the ring lol.

  21. Just a beat lil dance to fun to

  22. How do you access the portion above? I’m on an iPhone and can’t figure it out.

  23. Portion above what? Not sure what you mean by that. Also thank you! 😎

  24. Maybe the price has gone up a bit, but for me it was around $2500. Just make sure you do your research on reputable breeders in your area or even a local rescue.

  25. At the end of the day, tamas are still partly marketed towards kids (Japanese Meets doesn't even have kanji). They're not too hard to navigate and also once you're used to it, it's just muscle memory.

  26. Yeah I think that’s a fair point. I’m just thinking more in the perspective of someone who has no experience with the ON or color tamas & hasn’t seen one since they were a kid. All those barriers, like the price, the language difference, could understandably be a deterrent for someone to try it out.

  27. I would not pay anywhere near $300 for an ON. Anyone doing that is a chump. I disagree with the other user though, we've already seen the ONs dip in price recently from really crazy prices.

  28. I’m glad it’s actually a thing, but I’m also sad that it doesn’t support IOS rn :’(

  29. Haha well damn I’ll take it, thank you!

  30. Thank you lmao! Real in what way tho? Like the art style of the TV show? 😝

  31. Only voted Mei based on superficial looks, she’s more my type look-wise? They’re both so pretty tho idk. But I think I’d find myself being more attracted to Yuzu because she’s pretty + she’s so bubbly & sweet ㅠㅠ

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