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  1. I've had a new Basic for a few months, after 10+ years of Kindle 4 and 5 (those with a 4-way button and, of course, page-turn buttons), so what I hated most on this new one at first was that I accidentally turned pages or changed the font sizes multiple times a day. It still happens, but less often, so now what bothers me most is:

  2. Archives Of Our Own it’s a FanFiction site. I like it cause you can easily download the works as a pdf, epub etc. I also use sometimes but it doesn’t have that feature to download i don’t think.

  3. You can still download from by copy/pasting a story url to a site like this one:

  4. I have hundreds of Kindle books but being able to read fanfictions on it instead of on my computer was one of the main reasons I wanted my first Kindle 10+ years ago (and I still read some now).

  5. If you mean tsums that never were available in Premium boxes (versus the many that are during their first month in the game), there are the four that first appeared in capsules (Scrooge, Arlo, Lilo, Sally), one that first appeared in Select boxes (Stormtrooper) and all those that were event rewards (Holiday Jack, Rabbit, C-3PO, Princess Leia, Scuttle, Abu, Rattle Bones Pluto, Prince Charming, Zazu, March Hare, Death Trooper, K-2SO, Mrs. Potts, Jester Goofy, Princess Minnie, Caballero Donald, Meg, Bat Hat Minnie, Shadow, Anniversary Minnie, Finn, Sunday Minnie, Daruma Donald, Explorer Goofy, Reindeer Dale, Royal Princess Minnie, Sparkly Princess Minnie).

  6. Not distracting at all. It's not even bright or anything - a darker blue than I would have chosen, actually, but I love it anyway.

  7. I wouldn't care. Mines in a case, so I won't see it anyways

  8. That does make colours useless for models with flush screen but not for the Basic (I love the blue all the around the screen, and I put it in a pink case).

  9. My stupidest reason: the new Basic comes in blue. 😃 (I actually had other reasons due to my previous Kindle being 10+ years old but the blue option was my reason to want the new Basic instead of trying to find a model with buttons I could buy second-hand.)

  10. Thats awesome!!! Hope youre enjoying your new kindle!

  11. I do (and the best part is that in the end I got it as a Christmas present instead of buying it in the new year as planned).

  12. About 2 weeks for me with the new Basic but I don't let the battery go lower than 20% (don't want to risk it getting really low at an inconvenient time). Also, I read for at least 2 hours (probably more like 3) almost every day and often have new books (or fanfictions sent by email) to receive (so wifi on then indexing use the battery). No light, though (I prefer an external lamp). With those factors varying from person to person, it's impossible to tell how often you'll have to charge your own Kindle.

  13. To me, on the contrary, when I finish a chapter it doesn't say "chapter completed", but "1 minute left in the chapter". Kindle support told me they would fix it in a few days, but after a week still nothing

  14. It depends on the book for me (some say "chapter completed", others say "1 minute left") but today I saw a new one: "chapter completed" on the first page of the next chapter. 😃

  15. Even though I love my new Basic (Christmas present replacing a Kindle 5), the accidental page turning does make me miss the buttons too (and even more the fact that, when I'm lying on my right side, I can no longer turn pages from the left side of the Kindle but have to put my hand over the screen to touch the right side every time). A touch screen really isn't useful for anything other than typing (which is not everyday) so a possibility to disable it and use buttons instead would be very welcome.

  16. All. The. Time. My mom told my aunt when my husband got me one because she was excited for me. I have a retinal disease that I inherited from my mother and was beginning to have problems with eye strain. The ability to change spacing, font and text size changed my life. My aunt’s response to my mom, then to me was “it’s really sad that you’re not reading books anymore”. I was an English major (among other majors in college). The English department is home of all the technophobes. So I have friends who are definitely in that category who were mad that I was abandoning all the supposed joys of paper books—which apparently includes smelling them. I read 60+ books a year and never recall smelling them. And, of course, the how dare you support Amazon people.

  17. The new basic is still perfectly readable without its frontlight on. The others' flush screen, that adds a layer between text and eyes, might be responsible for the problem you mention.

  18. As promised, here's my usual recap about limited tsums' returns, with link to updated spreadsheet at the end.

  19. Minor personal gripe: Argh! On my quest to max out everything, the last KH tsums I still need to max out are original Sora and Halloween Sora. I know the latter isn't likely to ever come back outside October (if at all), but I was hoping original Sora would be in a Select Box for this event. But no, instead we get KH3 Sora again, who iirc has displaced original Sora in every KH box since he debuted.

  20. I've just checked while updating my spreadsheet (usual recap and link coming soon for those interested) and both the regular and KH3 versions of Sora were back in April 2020 but then in January 2021 it was as you said, only the KH3 version like this time. Hope you'll finally get a chance to complete your collection next time (same for those who are waiting for Shadow's first return).

  21. Not just you. If those stupid additions only appeared on the Amazon site (where the publishers put them to make the books show up in more search results), we could easily ignore them, but they're annoying on the Kindle and also on Goodreads.

  22. That's where my country is properly selected and it's the middle of Europe, which is not the US obviously. There is no separate Amazon for my shit hole country.

  23. No separate Amazon for your country --> US, as the main store, is considered yours (except in a case like mine: my store is the French one because I'm a French-speaking Belgian).

  24. We're not allowed to buy ebooks from more than one Amazon site (we must select one and the choice is usually restricted to "default store for your country or US store"), but I have no trouble buying English or Italian books from Amazon France and I've seen other languages there too.

  25. Usually nothing but could be ballet music or other instrumental. Anything with lyrics, I'll want to sing along so, unless what's on the Kindle is the song lyrics, it won't work. 😅

  26. The perfect kindle is the body of the 4th/5th generation (including ALL physical buttons) and the screen of the 2022 kindle + warm light. That’s it. Simple.

  27. Yes! My new Kindle is great but being able to block the touch screen and use buttons to turn pages would solve my biggest problem with it (accidental actions), and I miss the other buttons (of the 4 and 5 models) too. The touch screen is, in my opinion, only an improvement for when typing is needed (so, not every day).

  28. Yes, it would make things so much easier!

  29. Yes, if you email it (which converts it, because not even the newest Kindles can read unconverted epub files).

  30. Fanfictions were one of my main reasons to get a Kindle 10+ years ago (when many of my favourite authors still posted them on or livejournal, so it was less easy but still possible to put them on a Kindle), and I still read some now too. ☺

  31. Can you elaborate on the kindle basic now has dark mode? Did they update something to enable that feature or has the new basic always had dark mode?

  32. The 2022 version has dark mode. The previous ones didn't.

  33. Do you think they’ll release an update where we can update our older basic kindle and use the dark mode?

  34. I have no idea if that's even possible.

  35. I recently got a new basic to replace an old one from 2011. I love it (except when I accidentally turn pages or change the font size because of the touch screen). Unless you want a bigger, flush screen, waterproof and/or a yellower light, that new basic could suit you too.

  36. I use a small font size on my Kindle so that doesn't bother me when I read a paperback, but I do find it uncomfortable for another reason: a paperback can't stay open by itself, so I have to grab my bookmark and close the book even when I just need free hands for a few seconds before I resume my reading. And it's particularly unpractical to read while lying on my side in bed.

  37. It's not, but I deliberately set my Kindle's font size etc to get a reading speed of 1 minute per page. You did it accidentally.

  38. Contact support. The person who do that will become Club Leader (at least that's what happened in my club, and I've seen other people here say the same).

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