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  1. I like both games, but have played PoE 2 more because it has better replayability and unlimited build options.

  2. It took me about 120 for each of the games. Mainly because I love spending time in menus, planning my build, making lists of which ingredients I need and reading everything I can, including weapon lore. So, it's down to play style.

  3. Wait till our US friends discover that Magyars are actually the so called Hungarians.

  4. First 3 are fine, but 4 and 5 are weird. They aren't continuous scenarios, but cut into interlude/intermission/actual scenario parts. Otherwise, I don't hate the King of the Hill (2) and the great unit spam (3) scenarios.

  5. I bet Cube Docks (when it comes out) will be an improvement over this.

  6. Is that the Old Tiger? It was very tough, but difficulty got nerfed recently.

  7. Isn't it the name you can give to one of the mad mages in the Ice maze where Shandalar teleport you?

  8. Why do you think it's unpopular? There are 3 types of posters here: archetype A likes to suggest new civs and units and gets agitated when people dislike the idea, archetype B thinks they're competent enough to suggest balance changes and type C is commenting Smurfs. The sub is at its best when there an S-Tier tournament,that's when the normal rltopics appear.

  9. Amassing War Wagons and Siege takes a long time. Koreans need to be in Castle Age, for starters, and they don't have great economy, either. So, choose a civ with better eco that can hit fast and hard. Koreans are very vulnerable to cavalry, so Lithuanians, Poles, Huns, Franks, Berbers will have a massive advantage. Gurjaras are also a great choice, Shirvamsha Riders can counter both War Wagons and Siege and Pikemen will never catch them.

  10. If she can't play second fiddle to SotL videos, she ain't a keeper.

  11. Последното място, на което очаквах да видя AoE memes.

  12. I had a Cipher to replenish abilities and used a lot of summons and all the scrolls I had.

  13. I never had much luck with them, I just use AI settings to cast the fast casting buffs like disciplined strikes or spirit shield or someone like Fassina to cast something like relentless storm/citzal's spirit lance, etc.

  14. Yeah, I just set auto-pause on weapon ineffective and swap it manually when the game pauses. I had some succes automating Wahai Poranga, when enemies in melee are more than 1.

  15. The same way farm upgrades is actually a wood upgrade, their scout line bonus and the free +1 is also an eco bonus. You save before feudal more food with those bonus than the 150 free food of the Lithuanians.

  16. Yeah, but the "Poor Magyars" + the image implies that they deserve some kind of compassion, like they are missing out something by not having any changes for them in this patch. Specially the statement "still lack any eco bonus" strongly implies that they should have one in the near future, as if they are in a deficiency of it by the present time (key word "lack", that usually implies that is would be preferable to not have the deficiency the subject is having)

  17. Ah, probably bad choice of a title on my side. I imagined all the hype for recent changes (people even celebrating Sicilians getting nerfed again) and then I scrolled down to see Magyars getting nothing.

  18. Lithuanians? Good early eco, have Paladins, those Winged Hussars are beastly and if gold is over, they have some of the best trash (UT affects Halberdiers and Skirms, Winged Hussars are beastly). They also get gunpowder (like Franks).

  19. Tarkans! With that torch they look like robbers anyway.

  20. Condos. Everyone forgets Condos exist and that's a good thing, by the way, because in Team games you suddenly switch to a MAA replacement when most needed. 0 starting Pierce Armor though.

  21. 5 minutes is a wildly long time to hold a cat without it absolutely losing its mind

  22. The art of commits die is lost to history as all it's practicioners died and noone was left to carry it forward. Now we only have boring old suicide and sepuku.

  23. Viking+Celtic ally+Byzantine ally. Celts provide the Castle, Byzantines Provide the Monks. Berserkers: "No living man may hinder me!"

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