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  1. Too fast? What? It’s pretty standards to kiss on the first date already. How old are you?

  2. I'm a 21 y/o virgin who hasn't had a girlfriend since 17 years old, it seemed standard to me at first but then my friends started saying stuff like "You're going too fast" and it made me freak out.

  3. Para bajar de peso simplemente debes consumir una cantidad inferior a la energía que tu cuerpo necesita al día para funcionar.

  4. Ok ta muy largo asi que no lo leí todo pero imagino que el comentario en resumen es "no necesitas un nutricionista, tu puedes hacer tu propia dieta y debes informarte en internet), Y yo sé.

  5. hey! i’m planning on doing a very similar thing, just - not with an actual game, just concepts for my uni portfolio. anyway im going off track! heres what im trying to say

  6. I've always thought abt posting on tik tok but my drafts looks really fking cringe.

  7. Yeah the other good thing about Artstation is you can rearrange posts around and group them into their own portfolios. On IG it is all laid out together and unfortunately consistency and cohesion matters quite a bit because that's what people like and will see when they click on your profile (though arguably the top 6 squares is probably all you need). But yeah it's weekly (or more often) updates while also having to think about layout. People use third party planners for this, e.g. Planoly, but afaik planning reels is a paid feature on those types of apps. And yeah basically IG only really promotes reels nowadays (the new algorithm legit only shows your posts to like 10% of your own following otherwise) so to really make the most of IG you'd need to make vids or "fake" it by putting your still images as a reel. Personally, I can't be effed with IG and all this BS so I have a gallery site like Artstation and primarily use Twitter for WIPs and to interact with my audience 🤷

  8. The most difficult part is probably having to interact with no one for the first months of releasing art on Twitter.

  9. Damn this is really good, tho some colours are off, you could've applied an adjustment layer to change some of the colors. Maybe because of the greyscale of the original drawing not being accurate to the values of brightness of the real colors.

  10. Anything addictive is compared to drugs, anything addictive will create addicted people, and addicted people find it hard to leave things that make them feel good. So yeah that's basically why its hard.

  11. That sounds hella interesting, thanks!

  12. Cute. Beautiful. Pretty. Gorgeous. Were all these words dead?

  13. Cute is the only one that would fit the tone tbh, Any other one when used wrong can sound needy and desperate.

  14. The last time i had to analyse someone's grammar i was in 3rd grade. I love how people do that nowadays like you are a fucking looking for an old language that died out , oh this man used a weird compliment that i have to look through HISTORY THAT IT WAS ONLY USED FOR COMPLIMENTING MEN , EW MY EGO

  15. fr man, i could complain all day abt that but at the end, those are rules you gotta follow. It's a stupid system.

  16. There is a phenomena of women who text you in a way that you should absolutely take it as disrespectfully short/blowing you off and boring that actually have a lot more to say in person for whatever reason. Talked to a woman this year whom I called out on that, she told me that her very own and only sister gets super mad at her because she also hates how short a texter she is and "idk why I'm like that lol". So. For me it's still a no-go for anything long term, but as far as if she's actually interested she may just be one of these girls who for whatever reason just refuse to send an acceptably lenghted text ever but actually are talkative in person. I'd just not worry about the shortness of the texts and set something up then see what's up in person

  17. Yeah i was thinking that, because i gotta admit i'm not the most interesting person on chat, too much time to think for answers, makes every message sound forced in some way. I prefer being in person, i'm way funnier and it's generally better to get to know a person.

  18. No I don't think so because your friends are saying she's nervous or whatever so for now just take that as the reason and if it is the reason it will just make her so nervous when you get to the date it might not be fun. My situations were off the apps so I'm like ok do you want to talk or not.

  19. Thats a smart approach, i might try that tomorrow since i left her on seen today (actually i sent replies to her last message but those never got sent, maybe its a sign lmao).

  20. En McDonalds cada vez que pides cualquier cosa puedes hacer una encuesta en la página que está detrás de la factura. Cuando acabas la encuesta te da un cupón para un big mac gratis en tu siguiente compra de un big mac.

  21. Damn i didn't know i wanted this lmao.

  22. My man she’s just a person like you are. Those followers and likes don’t mean anything if you two get along. Shoot your shot and even if you miss, you’ll still get an experience of trying to catch a big ass fish

  23. Thanks, i guess if we meet and we get along i won't be thinking about all this.

  24. I believe it was stated he counted while sleeping but I’m not entirely sure and I don’t think keeping track of the sun would help very much but again idrk

  25. Ok that's just ridiculous even for Dr. Stone.

  26. And don’t forget the fact that he was also able to think and have counting on in the background even when he slept I believe

  27. i believe after getting out of stone, keep counting was kinda useless, because he could just see the position of the sun and given he's absolute precission in estimations he would probably be right. But i know its confirmed he kept count even after resurrecting, but i doubt he could possibly count while sleeping so he would use other methods to keep track after waking up every day.

  28. Combot or Moku could have downloaded his fighting style or a nonstory character like nightmare Geese?

  29. If the latest happened then it would be like removing both Heihachi and Jin since it's like a hybrid between those two.

  30. They are. The author said he was taking out the repercussions of inbreeding for story purposes

  31. Maybe that's why Senku calls Kohaku a gorilla despite her being drawn as having the leanest and voluptuous human figure possible.

  32. Damn Soyuz looks goofy as hell in here, they made him look like a side character until they decided he was important damn.

  33. Yeah, the two of them have different kinds of intelligence frankly- Senkuu's got a ridiculously good memory, but Chrome's incredibly creative and adaptable.

  34. Gotta love that every single member of the main crew has a distinguishable functionality and has a significant role that no other character has.

  35. No, negative comments have a purpose

  36. The coloring and the thick line art makes it look in a retro style, i love it.

  37. Go out and Genuinely connect with women in real life e.g. ask how they are, their hobbies, interests, goals, opinions, etc. Listen and pay attention to what they say. Share those things about yourself when asked. People also subconsciously attach you to the value you bring. The value you bring is a clear, unique, and convincing reason why people will interact with you, let alone do so constantly. So Find ways to add value to their lives. Having In person interactions is the easiest way to stand out from countless people who text or message. People remember and favor in person interactions because of the positive vibes. If your hobbies, skills, talents align with their interests or can help them, bring it up and offer to help them. Finally, learn how to be genuinely busy in your life pursuing your goals and hobbies, while interacting with people on the side. People are hardwired to be repulsed by neediness and desperation and instead gravitate towards those who are self confident and well rounded in life. They want to see active confirmation of you actually doing something in your life other than just talking to them. So chase excellence, not people.

  38. I might sound stupid but what do people mean with "go out and connect with people" i never understood.

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