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  1. Suggestion, cut the entire thing in half with a big knife and send half of it to me so we can share.

  2. I would like to live in this painting, please.

  3. You coulda got a program to do this for you and didn’t have to assault us with this monstrously, but yet, here we are.

  4. I need one of this but it’s horribly wrong and doesn’t make any sense

  5. I dont know what this and why but it scratches my brain really good

  6. It’s me, on crack cocaine. Idk, give it more crack? Overdose.

  7. Genghis khan or Alexander the Great conquering the entire known world

  8. I dunno what Mr far left is doing but he looks like he needs a break

  9. I would shade the back and neck a little differently to differentiate it from the head, first thing I thought of

  10. When these people don’t know you’re allowed to have one glass of wine when pregnant 💀

  11. I then explained the basic episode format but then explained how they deviated from that in more recent episodes and gave some españoles of recent episodes

  12. How excatly would one have an “outie vagina” without prolapse

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