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  1. Gem TD, Motherlode, and Red we’re my go-tos! Amazing thank you.

  2. Gem TD was such a solid TD game with a great upgrade system. I don't think I've seen another TD like it.

  3. Bitcoin Ordinals is a numbering scheme for uniquely ordering and tracking individual Bitcoin Satoshis. This allows special Ordinal nodes to recognize Bitcoin Satoshis as non-fungible.

  4. Bitcoin Ordinals is a numbering scheme for uniquely ordering and tracking individual Bitcoin Satoshis. This allows special Ordinal nodes to recognize Bitcoin Satoshis as non-fungible.

  5. I've been missing rewards for 4 months now even though I qualified for all of them according to their quests tracking on their website. SAND token rewards for only 2 out of some 10 events over a month old that have ended have been distributed to me.

  6. Have you filled out the form for them to investigate your missing rewards? The investigations into the forms is still ongoing. If you legitimately earned the rewards and fill out the form, you will get what you’re missing once they send out the missing rewards

  7. It's been a month since I filled out the form for February. No replies from them since the original automated reaponse.

  8. I've been playing The Sandbox for 4 months. Since then, I’ve gotten a much better idea about the tokenomics and rewards system for The Sandbox. It is not looking good.

  9. Ha we must be bored if we are selling our hard earned ultrasound money for weird ponzo NFT quest games. Is the reward worth the risk?

  10. It was more of a curiosity thing since I already tried out Decentraland. Unlike Decentraland, The Sandbox is focused on gaming. The Sandbox isn't anywhere near as fun as playing most traditional single-player games, and all of its experiences are single-player.

  11. Meanwhile, the Parisland rewards from February still haven't been given out yet.

  12. February took over 2.5 months (and not everyone got their rewards), so it'll probably be a few more weeks before March rewards start.

  13. Imagine an Ethereum spam token as a small piece of land in the middle of the desert that has a big sign planted in it saying "

  14. Most of these are based on 欣小萌 videos, and she doesn't look too different than the AI girls.

  15. ETH on other chains is almost always bridged. So it depends on how well-coded is that specific bridge contract on Ethereum L1.

  16. RPL in top 50 as we prep for Lido withdrawals. Big week ahead, let’s keep climbing bby.

  17. This is really interesting. In trying to wrap my head around how these work, I've found a few useful angles from which to understand BRC-20. Thought I'd share.

  18. I know some ordinals can have a picture or some other small piece of data, but this sounds like most of them are just "this is a PEPE" and then what number PEPE it is?

  19. So I am trying to compliment the previous poster here by posting additional cons (and not repeat what already has been said).

  20. FYI, you don't have go out of your way to try to not repeat what has already been said.

  21. Anyone know why Kraken needs 70 confirmations to deposit ETH?

  22. Same with Binance and Coinbase. Takes about 10 minutes for deposits to confirm.

  23. That's a totally normal reaction. ERC-4337 is complex as hell and mainly only describes the fee marketplace and contract factory.

  24. I used it once. I think it is okay if your tax return is simple enough but I definitely missed a couple things that turbotax picked up unfortunately. I could reenter the info they gave me into freetaxusa and I did a couple years but now that just feels more time consuming that I want

  25. My taxes are quite complicated (20+ investment accounts of various types and a dozen different real estate investments), and I had no problems with FreeTaxUSA.

  26. If you get the correct forms (and correctly tracked) for each investment account, it is a breeze.

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