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  1. Yes, they’re automatically canceled. They say to call on the fourth to reschedule

  2. Its sucks so much. I literally had to reschedule my appointment to the 3rd, and now i have to reschedule the same damn appointment again.

  3. I want it on record that i wanted to keep Minshew when most of yall dumbasses wanted to i replace with Lawrence. He was a good qb on a bad team

  4. If yesterdays gator game taught me anything its that they should have gone for it on that 4th and 1

  5. Bro spoilers! How was i supposed to know Kennedy got assassinated!?!?

  6. I sincerely hope we dont lose to a team with literally no fans

  7. Who plays wordle on desktop?? I thought it was a console exclusive

  8. Ah rip XD it’s funny though i have that exact same stove and oven. Apartment complex’s must buy them in bulk

  9. Anyone else see an issue with putting the plurality party in charge?

  10. Kobe. I didnt cry, but his death shocked me. I not that even big into nba, but he just felt like on of those people who felt invincible.

  11. Xtrfy m4 is a great ergo mouse that comes in blue

  12. On second thought, browse for blue Tiger grips, then buy neon Lizard skins to fit on a mouse of your choice. Those resemble the same colourway much better than a finalmouse, and could be cheaper depending on your choice of mouse. Could go generic like most people have done to match keyboard builds with a GPX, or try something like an Xtrfy Mz1/G-wolves HSK Wireless. Would appear that tapes are more widely available for GPX-akin mice though.

  13. I think yall are focusing too much on the color. Like id prefer it to match but ultimately id prefer a more comfortable mouse similar to the deathadder

  14. George Wallace, Strom Thurmond, Barry Goldwater

  15. I think the “evil” of barry goldwater was a bit exaggerated. Still wouldnt vote for him tho

  16. This may also include shows (intended) for kids. Things like og teen titans or static shock or even chowder. Those shows still slap hard even as adults. Its about love of the artform

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