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  1. Well... covid was a much worse epidemic than monkeypox.

  2. Everyone should have safe sex, just as everyone should cook their steaks completely.

  3. No way dude, I'm never giving up medium rare steaks. Guess I'll die. Oh well.

  4. He would have probably asked for a stream of the raid if he could.

  5. I doubt it. I think Biden is just trying to tiptoe around his predecessor.

  6. Come on you don't think he watches the raids, he probably watched Osama bin laden get got. Especially after Donny probably had a popcorn machine installed in the control room

  7. No way they didn't run something like this by the AG. It was probably signed off by both

  8. I think AG was made aware but from my understanding FBI makes decisions on its investigations independently within the DOJ.

  9. There is a difference between legal and official policy, and practical reality. You don't go after a former sitting president without EVERYONE at the top in the loop. This is a big deal requiring a huge bar, and messing something like this up impacts the entire executive branch, and the whole government for that matter.

  10. I don’t know if everyone has to agree for an investigation to go forward.

  11. Honestly I’m kinda disappointed that Tom Steyer didn’t try to buy her off.

  12. They mentioned it in the uncut show that their guest canceled. That's why the segment image has the title but there is no segment.

  13. Jeff Stein had explosive diarrhea after eating tacos from a food cart.

  14. Stalin also lead the USSR to victory against Hitler and prevented international capital from buying up his nation for pennies on the dollar.

  15. US also gave USSR about $180 billion in today's dollars of aid even before the US formally entered WW2.

  16. As a bi guy, it's funny seeing bi and gay friends wonder why the GOP and anyone they appoint to the higher court would go after them, by leaving fundamental human rights up to gerrymandered state legislatures to decide.

  17. Bitch what. You enjoy rowing for cardio. Fuck. I hate it soooooo much. An hour on a rowing erg is utter pain. I should know Im a rower but it's painful. Running isn't fun but it's not as hard. Cycling is the most fun and it's the most practical.

  18. I don't like the row machine. I like doing it outside with a group of friends in an amateur team.

  19. What do you do to distract your mind the whole time?

  20. Music and podcasts but most times I like to hear the outside, and I really like sunshine (I’ve always joked it’s my caffeine since I don’t drink coffee or tea or energy drinks.

  21. When I make a name for myself, and I become a pillar of my community, I am going to take a legislative spear and run it through stock buybacks and private equity tax loopholes.

  22. One of the first things you learn in Macro is how important it is to cut emissions today to avoid blowing up government budgets and economies later.

  23. Clearly my family because we love dragging our operational power prices to negative territory.

  24. I agree with the objectives but not with increasing costs on people who don't have alternatives.

  25. Ofc not. We could eliminate the weight tax on vehicles older than 5 years.

  26. I'm more concerned with taxing fast food, eating is better than not eating for some people. I'm also concerned about the impact on civil liberty that use of speed cameras creates. If you're interested check out why NJ has banned speed cameras. The main point being that we shouldn't fall into a trap of not worrying about the externalities while attempting to reduce carbon emissions.

  27. If you own a smartphone and are on the network, I think the claim of complete privacy are undercut by the fact that every 15 seconds a cell tower is recording your location.

  28. I do think there’s some truth to Tara Reade’s, Christine Ford’s, and Trump’s 17 accusers’ claims.

  29. Efficient, have you ever dealt with the VA healthcare? That is far from efficient

  30. I mean an underfunded system struggling with its patient load constantly getting attacked by Republicans generalizing big government. Yeah makes sense it would take ages to get a specialist referral.

  31. Underfunded? The VA gets almost whatever they want in regards to funding. It is how they allocate that funding that is the difference because they are notorious penny pinchers and will divert money from programs that help veterans like the Choice Program to their pet project programs.

  32. If they have to divert funding that sounds like underfunding.

  33. I just want to mention that I'm here to torment you. I do have several "alt" account.

  34. Your a mod can you address if you all have discussed this and why you wont put an age limit or karma limit for posting. something supper low like 50 karma and a week old account would do so much good.

  35. We generally are very careful about adding new rules because we lean towards free speech.

  36. I think having McMansions for a few people and homelessness for the rest is not a good strategy.

  37. There’s nothing wrong McMansion, just don’t think they should the only option for housing.

  38. While the resources helps, the knowledge and the "habits" you get from rich parents are much more valuable. My rich friends tends to work very hard and are much more focus on making money than my poor friends. These hardworking habits are trained to them by their parents. Their parents tends to have extremely high expectation of them. Like if my buddy return with an A, his dad would bitch at him why he didn't get 100 percent.

  39. Poor parents can’t be there as much for their children. I’ve seen poor Parents push their children to excel.

  40. Senators aren't toddlers, you can't reason with them in that way.

  41. I’m not joking. I’m actually a-ok with politicians working in whatever they want as long they are hygienic.

  42. I don't even care if they are hygenic tbh... I just want them to do their job without being corrupted by special interests. I don't care if their ideology is ridiculous, radical, crazy, whatever... So long as it's in good faith and not trying to pimp out their vote for do nothing jobs and campaign funding. Hell, I'm all for paying them 2m a year + 1m retirement, regardless of time served, so long as they agree to not work another job making more than 150k a year and no stock options.

  43. Biden has a lot more in common with Trump than he does with Bernie.

  44. For what is worth I think he existed but to say it 100percent is crazy. We are talking 1000s of years with a good chunk of writen history being fully controlled by the church. No telling what the removed or added to fit their narrative.

  45. I mean by that metric, we are not 100% certain of anything quite frankly.

  46. Considering part of the story is his rebirth, it’s likely Jesus was a person and died, and someone else maybe of his likeliness took on his identity later (his rebirth).

  47. Half a million this recession? Someone needs to tell the economy to make up its mind.

  48. We don't have a term for high inflation, low unemployment, and small contractions in GDP.

  49. If there is a Super PAC from liberals or Dems spending money on Brian, then they are wasting their money.

  50. Better right populist than a wannabe Infowars because of that psycho pig cunt Kim Iversen.

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