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Daily Lib-Left Cringe #7842

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  1. I have a rose gold band with a kite cut moss agate. It looks black unless it’s in the light. Do it!! It looks amazing and it’s so unique. I can’t stop staring at it

  2. Interesting! Do you think the black-only works because the color of the stone can look different depending on light?

  3. This is beautiful, I am not a halo person at all, but this feels very classy and I like the black matching everything.

  4. You don't think the white stones look irregular with the rest of it? I think they're growing on me, but I know clashing isn't always apparent 😂

  5. My true-lub friends are so obnoxiously anti-gun that I'm considering taking up hunting.

  6. I don’t like a few things about your post, I think you may be going about things the wrong way.

  7. No, this is GREAT. That's so reassuring that people in the PNW can be accepting of that. Sounds like you know the right people.

  8. I hunt because I feel connected to my humanness if that makes any sense. It is the essential part of what it means to be alive, to hunt and gather my own food and to feed others in my "tribe". It is the simplest and purest drive that we have. I feel like the rest of this world is so fake, so unnatural, that it wears me down. Don't get me wrong, I love my AC and appreciate not having to walk 10 miles to work, but I gotta get back to the real world every now and then.

  9. That's so fucking cool. Hunting and gardening = complete life skill package, as far as I'm concerned.

  10. NGL, these all sound like terrible people. Wife seems like the best but still

  11. I want a woman president. I want it for gender equality and because it's 2022 and America needs to grow the fuck up about sexism.

  12. Literally screamed like Rachel of Friends when she caught the pigeon while crossing that bridge.

  13. Less cringey than a lot of stuff done to appease nerds on the left, TBH

  14. I never smoke anytime I can’t afford to be confused. That’s the rule. Otherwise, it’s at my leisure or need.

  15. Figuring it out now, but in general I don't take any on a night before I have to drive anywhere. Especially if it's in the morning. Being hangover high on a freeway is butthole -clenching scary.

  16. Fucking CUTE. But I agree with Jennzera - straighten them and copy them. Save your hands, lol

  17. Totally stealing "Believe in yourself or die." You got this, dude!

  18. If it were me (and keep in mind, I am VERY blush shy), I would go a little more pink in the blush.

  19. Man, people play Rachel off as spoiled but she really was determined to be independent. She has a rich and sheltered upbringing. But "spoiled" to me implies that she always expected people to take care of her. Definitely not the case.

  20. I just…don’t feel like working today. Or this week. No, this month. This month I’ve felt so incredibly unmotivated to grind.

  21. If I’m at home and need to rage, I jump up and down and air punch lmao. Or if I’m not feeling that bad, I’ll sit on the floor underneath my desk with my dog on her bed. If I’m in public and can get to my car, I’ll sit inside there for a few mins. If I can’t, I’ll put in my AirPods with no music with the noise cancelling feature on. If I can’t, I’ll flex my feet/ankles since that’s not super noticeable/distracting to people so that takes my mind off of things until I can get out of the situation

  22. Okay, I am seriously in awe of the levels of each treatment you have. That's fucking awesome

  23. Saving this post in hopes people drop some helpful tips!

  24. Never heard of this! But I do know you never wear red to a funeral because that implies you're happy the person is dead.

  25. Mate I'm writing a dark walker themed TLD table top RPG one shot and this fits perfectly. This is the inspiration I didn't know I needed.

  26. Bro, where can I get this? Looking for some one-shots

  27. Most horrible events have about a dozen red flags beforehand (read "To the Bridge").

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