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  1. footlocker restocking mens sizing tmr should be fairly easy to get.

  2. Thank you for your reply mate. Only the lows will restock there think. I wanted to get the highs 😞

  3. No highs are restocking tmr, dont worry.

  4. It's very frustrating, I had a couple of decent games (22-7 & 25-5 I think) then next game I was completely out of my depth and got destroyed 7-16. It's made the k/d stat worthless now, mines 1.13 , probably most of us are around 1?

  5. You claim to like improving, but make excuses for yourself. That is counter intuitive. Instead of making excuses for yourself and adding to this epidemic of whining, just uninstall the game and accept that you’re just not that good at this particular game. Go play one of your campy, team based games since individual skill isn’t really your thing.

  6. lol I was playing a game where, we was up 9-3 easiest win of our life then our brim got mad at us for asking him to smoke so he decided to just stay in spawn and molly us and give away positions and we lost and this was immortal 1 lmfao this games a joke sometimes

  7. Hey are you talking about the McMurdo bomber parka ?

  8. I can't imagine there being a bomber parka ...


  10. I always see sexism posts, But in my 2k hours of playing I’ve never once encountered anyone being sexist maybe this issue only occurs in low Elo? Although quite a few girls have been extremely toxic

  11. The OP literally copy/pasted my post from last week, lmao wtf, at least give me some credit haha

  12. My bad G, I liked it forgot to give credit. But yes this is his post (I copied it )

  13. They put all effort into the store now. All about bundles and skins and cosmetics that mean nothing.

  14. Yeah, soon the hype will die down unfortunately. Idk if it’s just me, I’m running the game on 1440p and the visibility is so ass compared to mw2019 although people argue that the graphics are better

  15. This game has done as much as possible to narrow the skill gap between players

  16. This game has done as much as possible to narrow the skill gap between players

  17. Ngl without Travis branding I don’t think I’d buy a colour way like this 😂 but since it’s Travis shoe why not

  18. Cringe bro, cod is not a irl simulator it’s a Video game. Call of duty isn’t real life, video games are meant to be fun the more realistic and “tactical” they become the more boring they are.

  19. I got a refund through battlenet, I think it was a exception though since it said they made a exception since i haven't refunded anything in the past. you might be eligible try it who knows.

  20. lmao it’s just white air forces you got lucky it got cancelled

  21. Nav is the goat, without Nav there would not be XO company nav generates most of the money for there label.

  22. Got 3 hoodies , 2 tshirts :). Looks like PacSun has a lot of stock compared to fearofgod website?

  23. Yeah same I coped a hoodie and a tee white hoodie and black tee for me

  24. I think SSENSE and FOG have a exclusive partnership

  25. Yes, I made a alt account to post the exact same thing because I don’t have anything better to do in my free time you caught me.

  26. how hard is camo's on the riot shield compared to mw2019?

  27. Very easy in invasion on taraq keep flanking u can unlock it quick and easy.

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