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  1. Kang Dynasty ends with Doom killing Kang.

  2. Let's not forget there are only two major parties represented in our government and equal blame falls on both.

  3. I loved that they showed Vader like that. It gave life to all the evil things we know about him, but never really got to experience.

  4. Rogue one also had a pretty neat scene like that.

  5. Heeft meneer de Wit Jesse geadopteerd?!

  6. "Whatever happens tomorrow, you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier, but a good man."

  7. Hugh Jackman is as People’s “Sexiest Man Alive”.

  8. Cyclops! What does your visor say about his power level?

  9. May I offer you a bub in these trying times?

  10. Dick and dash, Jokes on you, get yo own dinner.

  11. If you replace "and" with "et" it is basically a full French sentence. Idk if its good grammar tho. But "et" means "and"

  12. I know, I just wanted it to fit with the rest.

  13. Idunno, I thought Tom did pretty fucking good in NWH when May died.

  14. He is still somewhat young and there's room for improvement, but Garfield got a lot of hate when his Spidey's movies came out and that's pretty unfair if you judge his and Stone's performance.

  15. From what I remember most of the criticisms of those movies weren't related to the acting.

  16. Quick question, what's the point of repenting if Jesus already died for our sins?

  17. You walk into a room. There is a glass with water at the halfway mark. You don't know how it got that way. Half full or half empty?

  18. Oei. Ik heb net maar even op hun website gekeken, en blijkt dat ze toch gewoon een prima bedrijf zijn.

  19. Ze hebben ook een intern onderzoek gehouden en geconstateerd dat alles dikke prima was.

  20. They're Russophobic in the same way something can be hydrophobic.

  21. Is dit nou echt het enige waar we bekend om staan? Fietsen en kaas?

  22. They might as well just name it differently, then.

  23. The setup for why everything happened was a bit messy, but once it kicked off it was pretty consistently good.

  24. Isn't it just a banner at the bottom you can easily crop out?

  25. SO good! I'm a huge fan of orchestral and big band music, so when the OG Mario Kart theme came through I had cold chills! Thanks for sharing, OP!

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