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  1. Just so everyone knows in Feb there’s a polar dip area cut out on the lake (I have photos of it from winter 2022) for proof. Also he was very close to the shore. As well any other time of the year it’s totally legal to walk on the ice for fishing or skating or whatever reason.

  2. Backstory is as follows. The person in the video is my friend. I was present at the recording of the video. Someone must’ve called the cops saying someone was on the ice and they responded to a supposed mental health incident. He was asked to come off the ice and told to put down the stick he used to check the ice for soft spots. They thought it was a weapon I guess. We went as far as getting an interview with our local news station but they wouldn’t air it. I also recorded him being interviewed on my phone. My purpose for sharing this video is to hold accountable the police and their actions on a supposed mental incident. They asked no questions as to if he was okay just straight to violence.

  3. OP with the clickbait title. I would go for police intervene to help mentally ill person. Sane people do not take that kind of risk. The police did a good job here.

  4. He is not mentally ill. We were out on the ice for a daily cold water swim.

  5. The older iPhones I think the 6 or 7 had a camera issue where the focus screwed up and caused the rattle. I had mine replaced twice.

  6. Try the chopped tuna melt from chopped leaf north Barrie! It’s my favourite!

  7. I’m also in a similar position about whether I should get verlander, but I think wait for Bellinger to drop more

  8. Verlander isn’t okay I’m for the rest of the season so I don’t think he will drop. You don’t think bellinger will go back up to 90 next update?

  9. Thank you very much friend! Lot of love Cheers, from Argentina

  10. That rat whom accidentally brings back ant-man from the quantum realm.

  11. i work at that theatre, people are ruthless. I once had to park at the side of the building in a non parking spot because it was packed. the side of the building is also supposed to be employee parking. after a long shift of cleaning up peoples trash they leave behind, i come out to see a cup spilt on my window shield with popcorn mixed in and a big luggey on my handle. i was not happy. they really had to spit on my car. and left a note that said "not a parking spot!

  12. get ready for a great story. I was ripping peoples tickets one day and I normally don't care about people bringing food into the theatres at all but this woman had a cooler, which i assumed had a lot of food/drink in it. I said "Miss, you can't bring food into the theatre with you." Again if it was just a coffee or bag of chocolates or something I wouldn't care. She said "Don't worry, it's just fish." again I said "You still can't bring food into the theatre , I can put it in our fridge if you like?" she said "OH NO! They are alive" I said "oh okay, well you can't bring it into the theatre I can put it in our storage room for you and you can come get it afterwards. I thought she was joking about the fish so i just put it in the room and thought nothing of it. After the rush was over I was curious enough to go open up the cooler. Sure enough i crack open the lid and there are 3 beta fish swimming around in little bags. Had to get my manager cause i couldn't believe it! After her movie she returned to get the cooler with her 3 kids and i didn't mention anything to her. Funniest thing ever.

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