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  1. Jake and Logan have always hated each other. Logan made a disstrack against his own brother. He downed Jake on Impaulsive by saying he fought Floyd Mayweather and therefore Jake's fights didn't matter. JJ and Deji clearly aren't always close but JJ has always held a clear line of respect for his own brother. Even when Deji was down he was there to support him

  2. Bro the disstracks were all for clout and money 💀 the Floyd diss was a joke 😭😭

  3. Nuhhhh yall niggaz stopid ksi would kill bitch paul yall niggaz are just following what everyone is saying these 2 bitch niggas don't know shit, ksi is ready for anyone. Bitch paul has just knocked out 40 plus Bitches when ksi first was boxing jake paul was a bitch he didn't wanna foght him then we ksi left ohhhh now he wants to fight after being gone for 3 years

  4. Bro stfu you don’t know what ur talking about Jake wanted to fight Ksi right after gib but ever since then he’s been coming up with excuses 🤣 and who tf has Ksi beat other than Logan a teenage and overweight rapper???

  5. Jake is No competition For Our Fitneek & Dats Facts

  6. Yeah this subreddit is completely filled with cringy kids 🤣

  7. All that for a drink that’s always on American stores shelfs

  8. Big pull on the Glaceon!! Get that baby sleeved up STAT!!

  9. No this junk is almost near impossible to get rid of but since I’m a nice guy I’ll take it off ur hands

  10. Been saying ally was a terrible person for juice and everyone disagreed

  11. Jake was right about their face off being planned but it kinda backfired after Anthony punched him in the face

  12. Call me an idiot but personally i don't think it was staged (maybe very lightly planned on one side) and KSI quickly set up thier fight in anger. Unless something new has come to light which proves it. Idk, after seeing Jake's performance at WWE, everything else looks real.

  13. Highly doubt they were able to come to an agreement in that short amount of time not to mention Dillion did show up in a misfits van

  14. No, he was originally known for being Conor McGregor’s little bitch.

  15. Been saying ally is a terrible person but ain’t nobody agree

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