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  1. Bought a decent ultralight rain kilt on there. Glad I bought it cheap because it made me realise I don't like rain kilts

  2. Basically a waterproof skirt. Some people prefer them to waterproof trousers/over trousers

  3. He knows. He borrowed it to take this pic. Hopefully it got returned to you, in a timely manner

  4. I don't know a single person who has owned a bike in London and not have had it stolen. I'm pretty sure if you're buying second hand they're stealing them, selling them and stealing them again at this point.

  5. I haven't had a single bike stolen in London, and I own very nice bikes. Not saying this is foolproof, but

  6. Great post. Is it completely beyond the wit of bike makers to have an inbuilt lock? A part of the frame that locks onto a post?

  7. Some bikes do. Problem is if someone has a go at it, that's the whole bike ruined instead of a lock. I personally prefer to be able to select the locks I want to use depending on where I'm leaving my bike

  8. Went with a group of friends when we were teenagers and were very, VERY into pot so thought it was slightly better than our usual stoner activity of sitting in a graveyard. I seem to remember they were literally giving tickets away towards the end.

  9. I usually just listen to mine but whatever floats your boat

  10. Personally I'd wait. Not like you need a camera. Waiting allows you to see what the specs of a Q3 would look like, and would mean Q1 and 2 prices will drop (a bit)

  11. Similarly I first heard Joanna on an Orange (now defunct UK phone supplier) advert

  12. Could be one of those fire sky lanterns? Twats love those

  13. Absolutely knackered these days, it's just constant, I'm just hunkering down waiting for spring. All the January bills don't help.

  14. I used to be able to wake up before sunrise, go for a run or get to the gym and have time for a second coffee before starting work. Now I roll out of bed 5 mins before work starts. I hate this

  15. Also where is the cobbled street on Camden High street?

  16. This cover was sort of next to the Havianas shop. There's another wooden manhole cover on Kentish Town Road actually in the road towards Sainsbury's. There are still a few kicking around if you keep your eyes peeled

  17. It's unfortunate for those with older cars but this is how tackling air pollution is going to have to be dealt with.

  18. So what handbreak is doing is converting the vid to 1080p automatically. Search for a thing in the left that has resolutions, click it go down to the devices tab, and click the Apple 240p preset. Then convert a short video and try to sync it to your iPod. It took me a bit to figure it out but I got it

  19. Alrighty, if you need help just message me on Reddit and I’ll help you with pics

  20. I think Jack Whitehall is a shit comedian that can only cater towards a specific demographic.

  21. It is but maybe it is a good thing. These bikes are a nightmare, left all over the place which causes blockages for pedestrians etc, then there are the kids that thieve them. You hear them clicking as they pedal because they have broken the mechanism so they can ride for free. Not to mention the visitors who jump on them with little awareness about the surroundings and weave about all over the roads.

  22. I cycle the roads every day. What are you on about cars for, what has that to do with this?

  23. You can't wait to see the back of a form of transport that encourages people to cycle instead of getting in a car? Thus helping to push alternative forms of transport and effectively making you, a cyclist, safer?

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