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  1. The fact that there isn't a campus in Bellingham is disappointing.

  2. It's teddy bullmoose , he doesn't need campus. Just preserves all day.

  3. All these places are references to Western Washington/PNW, and the city of Bellingham is a college town with the 3rd biggest school in the state and 3 other, smaller schools. So I was making a reference to that.

  4. I don't do the punch cards, and only occasionally do the quests. But I use Edge and Bing, so still get a decent amount.

  5. Because some people will turn the DH off in the NL or league wide in (it's an option on start up). So the lineup screen has to be able to accommodate no DH lineups.

  6. Really? We get Pat McAfee making dumb "tiny balls" chants, but guys like Bobby Lashley and LA Knight aren't on the show?

  7. I think they took not being the Main Event personally. That was incredible.

  8. I absolutely would’ve loved them in main event night one but was that ever realistic considering the Bloodline storyline and Sami’s popularity?

  9. I think KO/Sami vs the Usos was the right call. And it's a historic Main Event; first ever Tag Titles Mania Main Event. But I can also understand why those two wanted that spot.

  10. there should be more leaders for russia. it is such an important country through history

  11. I'd bet there would have been a second Russian leader had Russia not invaded Ukraine. After that, I imagine Firaxis just decided to leave it alone.

  12. it would be in it if civ 6 wasn't from an american developer and publisher. the French game humankind has 2 Russian cultures and did release 5 years after civ 6

  13. Speaking of MLk day, remember when Edge said he won't wrestle in a certain city because they were the last to acknowledge MLK day, but johnny nitros great grandmother was half black so he took edges place?

  14. It was Phoenix, I believe, and it was actually the entire state of Arizona, I believe. And yeah, he's wrestled there since. Probably most famously at WrestleMania 26.

  15. Additionally, I think discipline effects the ability to check.

  16. I believe they changed that for The Show 21. Only thing Discipline does now, afaik, is impact how often they'll get the animation jumping out of the way on inside pitches.

  17. He just says things constantly that are blatantly and verifiably untrue. He occasionally says some interesting things, but when he says stuff like Arcia has one of the strongest arms in all of baseball (he's got a good arm, but nowhere near the best) or Austin Riley plays gold glove caliber defense, he loses credibility. And when he says things like that, a lot of fans take it at face value. Announcers not preparing and just shooting from the hip is one of my biggest pet peeves.

  18. Frenchy knows something about having a cannon for an arm though. He can call that on sight.

  19. Apparently not. Arcia has maxed out at 92 mph since it started getting tracked in 2020. And that was in 2021, when he mostly played OF. For comparison, Harris and Acuña both max out at or over 100. In 2020, when he played SS, he averaged 86 mph. Really good, but not near the best. Saying his arm is one of the best is hyperbole for no reason.

  20. You can check Standings for your overall Ranked Season stats.

  21. Take a drink every time they mention d'Arnaud's hole in one and you might die.

  22. You are right: that isn’t baseball. But what is baseball is you can set your roster to allow those high clutch guys to push across the table setters.

  23. It's not. Because "clutch" is a myth. It's not real, never has been. And actual teams don't set their lineups based on who is the most "clutch". You know who led baseball in batting average with RISP? Jake McCarthy. And naturally, the year after leading the league with RISP, he batted 9th on Opening Day and 7th tonight. Michael Harris was 4 with RISP and hit 7th yesterday. Jose Trevino was 7th with RISP and hit 8th yesterday. Jose Iglesias was 9th and doesn't even have a team. Because clutch isn't a real thing.

  24. There is no way that can be the correct move though right? I mean perfect scenario, you have a guy with amazing clutch but awful normal contact and you happen to be down 1 or 2 I guess with no one out? Is this about right? I still find it hard to believe you wouldn't be better off scoring the run 99% of the time but maybe I could be talked into it in the right situation.

  25. If you're in the 9th or extra innings or what have you and that runner on 3rd isn't the tying run would be a relatively common one. So if you're in the bottom of the 10th and gave up 2 or more runs in the top half, and hit a single, you're better off keeping the Manfred runner at 3B (no matter how sure them scoring is) if clutch is on your side for the next hitter(s).

  26. Well I think you gotta look at it like are fans taking enjoyment away from the other paying fans. I think of some dude is honestly just obsessed with getting one players attention that would qualify is doing too much

  27. Yeah, fans notoriously hate it when players on the opposing team get heckled.

  28. Yup. However, I wonder if that "investigation" happened because he pulled the "my father is a part owner of the team" card (because he is). Which, ironically, would make him less likely to get kicked out for heckling even though it should probably make him more likely to get kicked out.

  29. They're making a joke about you typing "viscous" rather than "vicious".

  30. You mean the bit where the ring is?

  31. They build a canopy over the ring for all the stadium shows anyway.

  32. It's kinda wild that Backlash is going to be the first of 3 consecutive PLE's held outside of the Continental United States (King and Queen of the Ring being in Saudi Arabia and Money in the Bank in London). This weekend is the last PLE held in the US proper until August.

  33. I wonder if him and Renee are still friends after Mox called him Mr. Whats his Dick

  34. The way Mox was talking during that absolutely lended credence to the whole "Mox and Punk had heat" report from last week. Definetly got the impression that Mox doesn't like Punk and was restraining himself from unloading on the guy on his wife's podcast.

  35. For some reason, the helmet ads in the WBC bothered me a lot more than jersey ads.

  36. Cool story, bro. I hope Big Daddy Sony is proud of you.

  37. Seems a valid point - this was a game between 2 HBCUs if memory serves. Don’t feel like you can pull the race card when it’s your own folks calling you on your bullshit.

  38. Mississippi Valley State is a HBCU, but New Orleans is not. There used to be a HBCU called New Orleans University, but it's been shuttered for almost 90 years. You can tell this University isn't because the pitcher and most of the dugout is white.

  39. One is on ESPN+ so I didn't count it. Not everyone has that access.

  40. By that logic, not everyone has access to ESPN proper either.

  41. Espn+ is a subscription based internet stream, so it’s not technically “televised”

  42. ESPN+ can be viewed on a TV the same as the modern digital cable or satellite dishes can. If not even easier, as modern TV's can have the app and don't even require an external connection.

  43. Fun fact, Arcia was in 36th percentile in throwing velocity last year, and 183rd out of 368 in maximum. But, according to Jeff, that counts as "one of the strongest arms in all of baseball".

  44. just because u can throw it really hard every time doesnt mean u have to lol

  45. That's why I included max. His strongest throw last year was 90 mph, and 92 mph was his hardest in the last 3 years. That's not bad, by any means, but it's quite a bit below the strongest throwers.

  46. He's signed in Japan, and the Yankees were supposedly not remotely interested before that (even when the injuries were already starting).

  47. IIRC he's pretty washed up. Dude's enjoying being a living legend but his skills weren't even worth a regular extension and he got a paycut for 2023 plus didn't appear at the WBC.

  48. 3.31 era in 25 games last year, 3.01 in 23 games the year before that. Still pretty solid (league average is 3.48), just not dominant like he was in his first go around with Rakuten.

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