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  1. Jack Welch was a blight on the corporate world. So many wrecked companies in that man’s wake. Of course it was Welch’s protege Dave Calhoun who actually applied Welch’s nutty philosophy to Boeing and contributed to its downfall. As far as I know Welch never had anything to do with Boeing directly.

  2. There's a funny 2-part podcast on Jack Welch recently on the "Behind the Bastards" podcast.

  3. Yeah, but RF engineering is like trying to converse with an shoggoth.

  4. What part of Canada are you in?? I ordered my 23’ Forte in March and had it by the end of April.

  5. You have a country with declining real GDP per capita, declining productivity and a massive housing shortage.

  6. This article really focuses on the topical discussion issues of the bill, but it is broad in how much it’s trying to dismantle higher ed in Ohio.

  7. I know this is politics, but given how much they tried to push this early in 2016, I think it's a good example of disinformation. The

  8. Welp if the Republicans wanted an impetus for more chaos, depriving desperate people of food will certainly do that. They don’t get to create the problem and then call it out as a reason they need power. The American people are sick of Republicans shit and we deserve better. The only thing they have going for them is propaganda and identity politics. They literally offer nothing. Offering prosperity is the only way to truly win this “argument.”

  9. Used to play 40k (SM, Deamons, Imperial Guards[(this one was painted to match the French regiments at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham).

  10. In the end, more Bernie supporters voted for Hillary in 2016 than Hillary supporters voted for Obama in 2008.

  11. Robert: Guess which piece of shit he called after his heart surgery?

  12. This. It can be confidently wrong and dangerous to an untrained individual, but if you have a background in what you’re asking and know at least enough to know if it’s being sus or how to verify the same, it can shortcut a loooot of work.

  13. Since llm are expensive to train, but fairly cheep to run, i see that in 5-10 years, most companies will be running their own instances locally.

  14. What's the over-under on people eventually running it on their home computers like Stable Diffusion WebUI today?

  15. You can already run a llama on a Raspberry pi. It's not going to be fast, but it can work.

  16. Aging eye test - that’s correct. Umpires back in the day were completely different. It became a known thing to watch Maddox expand the zone to see how wide the ump would go that night.

  17. Marlins (and Livan Hernandez in particular) got a VERY generous strike zone in that series

  18. During my "Deathmarch to finish the thesis" I was crushing 2-4 sugar free monsters a day. Thankfully the death march phase only lasted 3 months and it took me a good 2 weeks to detox myself.

  19. Evan Scrimshaw is projecting 47-40 in favour of the UCP

  20. I don't understand how people still don't get this. The entire job of a league commissioner is to work for the owners, push their agendas, and take the heat for what happens instead of the owners.

  21. They got rid of the last commissioner that side ever so slightly with players - Fay Vincent.

  22. Don't forget that we all got fed a movie romanticizing their shitty and cheap ownership

  23. And Bobby Kotick got a cameo to play the owner

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