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  1. Wait till you find out that there is a $150 and $300+ skin on ebay in the form of gamestop red and megablox blue.

  2. People would buy the toy to sell later yeah. The megablox blue coating had you buying a very rare and limited edition warthog toy, so with the toy being $80, and rare, it set up an awesome combination for the Ebay sellers.

  3. Isn't this visor technically useless for the players who haven't bought the season 1 Battle pass.

  4. They got us in the first half not gonna lie. They got us. They got us, but we weren't defeated

  5. I just miss when the loading screen was the thumbnail of the map you were about to play on. I’m not a fan of how many free games try to monetize loading screens, such a dumb thing to milk for money.

  6. Loading screens in the shop why would they ever do that there will probably be new loading pages every season likely not fan art

  7. Also many halo fans make some great halo infinite art. It would be a nice addition to the game if their art was in the game as a loading screen

  8. What do you mean by black? We don't even have a proper black.

  9. I mean for free. We got some basic colours like blue red, green and some darker version of it but black and white are missing and only available made through money

  10. After season 1 this sentence has a whole different meaning.

  11. So first we got kaikaina grif then Lavernius tucker then the director, aka Leonard L church aka the alpha (don't know for what the L in the middle stands for) , then Michael Jameson Carbose next David Washington and the last Alison texas.

  12. Ikr. It is beyond me why anyone would support this lying, garbage, piece of shit, human

  13. Yikes. Idk if you know this, but this here sub is an incel-free zone. You should leave

  14. Is this subreddit a joke or are you taking this shit seriously?

  15. BDA. Hast du deine Mutter mal gefragt was sie damit genau meint was für sie ein Mann ist und was nicht. Vielleicht hättest du das vorher machen sollen bevor du sie auf Reddit als sexistisch abstempelst. Außerdem lass sie doch solange sie sich nicht denkt dass du kein Mann bist. Meine Mutter sagt schlimmeres. Viel schlimmeres. Zudem heutzutage haben wir so viele Geschlechter da ist es schwer zu wissen wer ein Mann ist oder ein Trans non Binary irgendwas.

  16. No because it's since time very difficult to find matches especially in ranked

  17. Where are you based? I’m in South Africa and I get games within seconds during peak time (only ever on EU servers unfortunately) and under a minute at random times of the day

  18. NDA tut mir leid für dich dass du in so ne Lage geraten bist ich kenne das.

  19. Plot Twist: vielleicht hat sich Josh gar nicht über die Freundin „lustig gemacht“ sondern korrekterweise darauf hingewiesen dass die Beziehung falsch und creepy ist

  20. Ich bezweifle langsam auch dass er sie wirklich fett und so genannt hat. Eher pedophil und ekelhaft was dann aber verständlich wäre.

  21. Wait. Didn't they said the battle pass never expired if you buy it?

  22. Correct, and it doesn’t IF you bought it.

  23. They better fucking not. The kits are in the pass, so should the armour pieces

  24. Yeah but there are no reach parts in the new battle pass. And they can't put them into an event.

  25. Not sure if it was confirmed, but thought I saw that they have a little built in magnetism which makes them much much easier to use. If that’s a real thing, then that’s my most hated “feature”.

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