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  1. im having blackscreens during light loads like doing a whatsapp video call, and if it was psu related you be having it all the time, and it would be far more random and you be having weirder issues then just blackscreens.

  2. 6700xt and 5800x here, 22.10.1 driver. I had a blue screen when opening whatsapp desktop, was also watching a youtube video at the same time. Cause was amd driver from the dump. I have a feeling its all because of the broken hardware acceleration. Ran a time spy extreme stress test 20 loops after no issues.

  3. Is your flicker the same as mine (1 frame black then back to normal) ?

  4. That's what it seems like, however it happens so fast it's very hard to tell.

  5. Just got an S22 and can confirm the same. If I'm very careful while scrolling through reddit for example I can avoid it.

  6. sadly didn’t work for me, i was already playing without steam overlay before to check if had something to do with it, also nvidia one

  7. Are you running any other type of monitoring software? HWmonitor, HWinfo, evga precisionx, Ryzen master, etc? Anything that monitors temperature or metrics, leave it off. Also, make sure gysnc is disabled if applicable. One last thing is go to nvidia control panel > manage 3D settings > Program settings. Add monster hunter rise to this and change the option "Power management mode" to prefer maximum performance.

  8. Try putting the PC into sleep mode then waking , my mouse feels more accurate after this. I've replicated this with 2 different Ryzen processors, 3 motherboards and 4 GPU's. I don't know what it is but everything feels smoother after waking the PC from sleep.

  9. Do you have quick startup disabled? And hardware acceleration inyour background apps? Are you using any 3rd party monitoring apps?

  10. Quick startup disabled and this happens right after clean install as well, can't be a background program.

  11. Mobo bios updated and what driver are you on?

  12. Been updating BIOS and chipset drivers for the last year on the x470. Never made a difference. Both are running whatever the latest is.

  13. Yup, I see this every now and then. I bought my Pixel 3 in August 2019 as new.

  14. I'm thinking this was a bug that was introduced in Android 10, don't remember it before.

  15. It looks like the clip on the bumper is actually damaged from some impact. There are fixes if it's intact, but since it's damaged you can only really fix with quick release or an entire new bumper.

  16. I have never in my life seen that sort of damage. What are you using them in?

  17. Used them in a mini z RC car. Its a bit of a tight fit to squeeze them in and remove. However, these wraps seem so sensitive that I can damage them with my fingernail. That's why I'm wondering if this is expected for this battery, I have heard a few complaints of the wrappers being weak.

  18. This happend on my pixel 3(non a) I had to factory reset and it has been fine for 2 weeks.

  19. I had this happen on the normal pixel 3 after the may update. First time it happend I woke up and thought the phone was dead, it wasn't responding to anything. Then I got it working by restarting from the bootloader. It worked fine for a few days then I picked up my phone after it being idle for a bit and this time it said passcode required after reboot. So I know it rebooted itself there, I then did a factory reset and the issue hasn't returned.

  20. Going to try the factory reset later today. For how long have you gone without the issue after the reset?

  21. If it's really bothering you try getting it replaced, but the replacement will probably have the same. It's just the nature of OLED displays. My pixel 3 has that but it's most noticeable on low brightness with night mode. Ive gone through alot of phones and monitors in my time and none of them have ever been perfect. I find LCDs usually have the most uniform screens, however specially ips displays, I've almost always noticed one side is darker or warmer.

  22. I see, thank you. So those RAM I found do fit, right? If so I'll keep the links and get back to it, once I got the founds to order them.

  23. Ya, the second one you sent looks to be the one that comes with that type of Acer system you have. However to make a suggestion, if you're going to be upgrading the motherboard soon anyways i'd advise to go with a reputable RAM manufacturer like Corsair, g.skill or Kingston. It should still work with your current board, and it will be better for when you get your new board.

  24. Good to know. Do you think my spec would perform well for another few years if I just got a SSD and better GPU down the road or do I really need a new Motherboard? Just yesrerday I got my i7 2600k and hope to be able to use it for a long time, if possible.

  25. I think you're hitting the ceiling for GPU upgrades, the max you can probably go with that CPU without bottle necking too much is a GTX 1080. It also depends on the game, some will be more cpu intensive, and also depends the resolution you're playing at.

  26. Bought one of these for my define r5. Makes it look so much better.

  27. Yeah I have looked at those too. Propably buying one soon, and maybe some custom cables.

  28. Absolutely, can't go wrong with some cablemods.

  29. I have two PC's, one with a 6700K and RX Vega 64 and one with a 2700x with RX Vega 64, both have apex on SSD. The frame rates look to be the same, however it actually just feels smoother on the intel PC. Not sure what it could be, ryzen also feels like it has slightly more input lag in general.

  30. Sapphire Vega 64 reference hotspot temps at 105 degrees.

  31. I believe the same thing happens when the PC wakes from sleep mode. Fps drops were as high as 5fps or something.

  32. Haven't seen many other topics about this issue, still having this problem when waking from sleep on 18.8.1 drivers. Just as in the video, vega loses about 20mhz on the core until next reboot.

  33. Ya I’ve noticed, once I put it to sleep with afterburner still running and was getting only like 1350 on the core clock under load. Must be some interference with the drivers.

  34. Well, the HBM is still stuck for me using 18.8.1. This time it's at 800MHz at idle, instead of the previous few drivers that had it pegged at 950MHz. With the HBM at 800Mhz, the idle temperatures are: GPU 40 °C and HBM 42 °C. With the HBM throttling properly to 167MHz at idle, the temperatures are: GPU 28 °C and HBM 30 °C.

  35. Isn't this due to multi monitor setups? Mine does the same, try disabling all additional monitors and re-enabling.

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