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/r/Videos will be going dark from June 12-14 in protest against Reddit's API changes which kill 3rd party apps.

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  1. They're going to announce DLC release date and Bloodborne on PC at the same time just you wait.

  2. It’s the poor people who caused this. We should riot. They need there own servers at the bottom of this ship.

  3. Poor people causing all of our societal issues. Maybe If they just picked themselves up by their boot straps I could play diablo

  4. I spent an extra 20 bucks and it’s money well spent cause I got to play the game for the first few days

  5. When you have to pay a premium to play the game you paid for

  6. I did a lot of the stuff in fractured peaks and hit level 30, then I looked at my renown progress and saw you couldn’t get the last 2 renown levels until you unlock tier 3. So I just mainlined the story, just finished before the servers went down at level 49.

  7. R the reverse down now ? Is that why I can't get in ?

  8. I really enjoy it but I'd rather take the word of a stranger on the net

  9. Yes tell your friends too. The least people that sign on the more capability I'll have to play and report back

  10. For weapon dps is king so always go for higher item power. Weapon DPS increases all your skills dmg.

  11. Even for necro when your not actually attacking ?

  12. Whatcha mean by that ? Do I need to start over ?

  13. I love the game and would rather they monetize the he'll out of it and keep us swimming in content.

  14. I'd be fine with the cosmetics or the battle pass. Together just seems to much to me though

  15. Get a job, ya bum. Tired of fuckers trying to tell me how to spend my money, fuck off.

  16. Well ya it's fucking weird dude. You know that cause you asked.

  17. I'm not here to change anybody's mind but PoA and GoF are the most fun to read, for me.

  18. PoA is probably my least favorite one to be honest. GoF is definetly the most exciting though.

  19. On a game that was already 30$ more expensive than most

  20. You know we could just all collectively buy none of this shit.

  21. From a city with a substantial homeless population. Yup. Pretty much in line with the average populations entitlement though.

  22. It's really just the people you can't tell are homeless are like that. We called them permanents alot of us were just normal people that tried our best to blend in.

  23. If RIF is killed I'll just straight up quit using Reddit altogether.

  24. Me to. I've been using RIF for 10+ years. It's been my friend longer than most

  25. My solution was to immediately sacrifice Golem and forget it existed.

  26. The left and right directional keys do nothing. They should be used to extend to a new hotbar.

  27. Nah, it does attack on its own but does a bigger attack if you press the key/button assigned

  28. Do you have a reason behind it or just like the 2h look ?

  29. If your company is small enough you aren't required to have one.

  30. As a person with IBS, I can confirm, the combination of those feelings, leaves you scared, drained, and in need of a nice hot shower-cry.

  31. Do you break alot of car windows in your day to day

  32. You’d be surprised at how often people who have never been tazed, underestimate how it feels.

  33. He looks like he's having an episode of some kind. I don't think he knows where he is.

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