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  1. I wonder if it would be possible to become Angela's boyfriend, but without death?

  2. No. Doesn’t matter. Uploading daily is probably even better for the algorithm

  3. Well, to be honest, I see a completely different situation, it has already happened several times before. New and new alerts only about likes on old video despite new ones

  4. People believe in everything. I saw a comment from a child (literally a child, but still), he was indignant at how we can watch films about Voorhees, because it was based on real events, there was such a maniac, but information about him was classified by the authorities, this is immoral!

  5. His ending was a bit disappointing, to be honest. I understood that he would most likely die, but just an accidental shot from a frightened Gus? Come on

  6. Sorry it didn't work. By the way, can you show your video if you have a similar problem? I would like to compare my videos with others, sound quality and so on.

  7. Tiktok compresses the video quality to a certain extent as 100's of videos are being uploaded every second. I'd say compress your videos to a smaller mb size whilst retaining maximum quality using an external app + Make sure the setting turn Hd Quality in the tt app is set on. Also heard that posting from the desktop allows for better quality

  8. But some other users (not often) have excellent video and audio quality!

  9. But do you subscribe to an account every time you like a video? I never do it. I like this video, I think "what a good content", but I don't subscribe.

  10. Of course, live emotions and appeal to the public are more interesting. But you shouldn't make videos too long because of this. Let it be as fast as before, but with a voice

  11. Well, I have two accounts on the same phone. On the first one I post my videos, on the second one I just watch videos, put likes and so on, this is my main account for watching videos at my leisure. And there doesn't seem to be a problem.

  12. If we're talking about EXTREMELY low views, it's one of my videos. I usually have between 500 and 2000 views (sometimes 10k and even 50k) but suddenly for no reason one of my new videos got 60 views, just 60. On the same day before uploading this video, I deleted one of my recent videos, I didn't like the sound there. Tiktok probably doesn't like it very much when we delete video and then take revenge on us. But after that 60-view video, everything went back to normal.

  13. I guess it depends on how much reality you want to apply here. I mean, in the Halloween world, the police allow a loose cannon (Loomis) to run around with a gun, and it's also a world where a 70ish year old man who spent his entire life in a mental institution not getting much exercise and I'm sure not getting food food, is capable of single handedly killing cops and fire fighters who are much younger and should be much stronger than him. Reality is... Bendable in this universe.

  14. Loomis is a diamond. I'm in awe of such a simple and insignificant scene when he threatens a policeman with a gun and says "Officer, stay with the little girl, please!"

  15. It took a missile to finally "destroy" Jason. I don't think cops screaming, "we've got the place surrounded!" with guns he's been shot with a million times are going to do the job." Ghost Face would get caught pretty quick, Michael Myers a little less quick. Um...good luck on Freddy.

  16. If the main characters were able to get Freddy out of dream, then scientists will do it and lock him in a cage for experiments. It is unlikely that Freddy expected such an outcome, to be a guinea pig for a hundred years

  17. I tried to upload to tiktok on a PC in order not to lose the quality of the video, but there was no difference, it was identical. So you can do as you please, it doesn't matter.

  18. I am interested in another question. Are there any big creators who have a problem with loss of video and audio quality after uploading? They are popular, everyone loves them, but do they have bad sound and pixels? This could console me with this problem

  19. In fact, the original Halloween is important simply because it is one of the founders of the genre. Certainly now it cannot be compared with more inventive and interesting slashers. Therefore, if you look at the situation objectively, then of course remake is more interesting to watch. A similar situation with Nosferatu, I will definitely not be watching this entire movie, for obvious reasons. But will anyone deny that Orlok is incredibly cool?

  20. I recently watched a series about how an unknown person terrorizes a family with threatening letters, breaks into their house, and so on. And in my language, the main character was voiced by the same person who voiced Tony Soprano. It was very funny for me to imagine how this MYSTERIOUS AND DANGEROUS stranger gets hit by Paulie and Furio and then in the forest explains to them why he terrorized their boss.

  21. I would not mind buying subscribers, by the way, why not. Is it possible now? I once saw such an opportunity right in tiktok a long time ago, but it seems now they have removed it?

  22. Yes, complete random. I make videos for Ukrainian audience about horror films. My video about "My bloody valentine" has 20 thousand views. But I thought that absolutely no one here knew this movie, but no, audience is interested. And a similar situation with other not too well-known films (50,000 and even 90k). But at the same time, some videos do not go beyond 2000 views.

  23. Personally, I would advise talking not only about Marvel films, but also somehow connecting it with comics. Make a comparison as it looked in the comics.

  24. I will not say that my videos are good. I will say that I deleted one of my videos yesterday, then uploaded a new one and it got 20 views (all my other videos are at least 1000). I heard that tiktok doesn't like it when users delete videos, but I don't quite understand why I don't have the right to do this, why user then gets punished

  25. I guess it all depends on the first 100 people who watch your video. Did they flip through your video instantly or watch it for a bit? Did they liked your video? If the first 100 people are not interested, then tiktok will exclude you from the feed, they have already drawn their conclusions.

  26. Perhaps, unfortunately, you need to make a video about something popular at least once. Marvel, fortnite, something like that. I can't do it, it's too much for me, I can't overstep my principles. But my views also dropped. I'll deal with it.

  27. Well, and forgive me here; you’re gonna have to spice it up it sounds like! Make small insignificant errors in certain tasks that bait people into commenting. Do something in a weird way you know will annoy people’s OCD.

  28. Damn, this is such a cringe! But yes, it works. I definitely would not do this, but sometimes I see how author take a cucumber and say "let's cut a tomato" and of course everyone in the comments writes about it.

  29. I get that, I know that engagement and saves are paramount. But when I have 100k+ followers and get 300 views it’s hard not to feel like there’s some sort of suppression going on as well :/

  30. I guess people don't actually look at the profiles they follow. Do you often go to the "subscriptions" section? I never do this, just regular feed. Therefore, it is not surprising that many subscribers do not show themselves

  31. I hear ya I just never had a video go under 100 that’s insane when my bottom is usually slightly below 1k.. my last two post combine for 152 views.. the 3 before that did 1500,81k,950

  32. Tiktok almost drives me to the point where I want to stop making videos every time. 5 videos with a small number of views, I start thinking about the bad and then just for no reason video gets 60 thousand. Okay, then I'll continue. Shit-shit-shit again and at a random moment luck comes. Therefore, if your videos do not take you much time and effort, if you can make 5 videos and not get upset because of the resources spent, then you just need to do it and wait

  33. You guys are so lucky. None of my videos go higher than like 300-400. Unless I promote them ☹️

  34. I have a little tip for you, but I personally can't do it because of my profile concept (horror movies). I noticed that on one guy's profile, SUDDENLY one of his videos has 200k views. On his profile he makes brief descriptions of biographies of characters (just reads Wikipedia, very lazily). He made a new video about the Archangel Gabriel and suddenly there were a lot of believers in his comments and they were people who definitely hadn’t watched his channel before, they came here only because they saw this video in the feed. Then he made a new video about another archangel and it happened again.

  35. Hashtags really don't work. Have you ever clicked on them? Hardly. Tiktok defines content for you even without it. I love horror movies, I watched some videos about them and now I have a lot of videos in the feed about it.

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