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Ron DeSantis' Board Rages Against Disney World After Legal Humiliation

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  1. If the loser tuba sound from the Price is Right was to ever play on this show, this was the moment.

  2. What a unique topic to discuss. I’ve never once seen this topic . Glad we got the worst out of the way so that we can have the inaugural best paint scheme discussion

  3. Right. You you know what we never talk about? What track has the best food. RIP Benny Parsons.

  4. 2003 Napa Stars and Stripes. I’ve always loved this scheme.

  5. They seem way behind in CUP. And TBH, I didn’t get the vibe that AJ was 100% excited about returning back to the CUP level from purely a time commitment standpoint. I hope that’s not impacting on track performance.

  6. I pay $250/wk ~=$1080/mth for 5 years for my 2021 Q5 (financed at 1.48%). That’s probably ~20% of my take home. Mortgage is about ~25%, wife and kids are the rest, haha

  7. Did you get them direct from the Pirates or on the secondary market? Thanks!

  8. Just curious...why? I'm sure there will be plenty of good seats this season.

  9. The biggest flex is him throwing his guitar up into the air at the end of the song. It still hasn’t landed 19-years later…

  10. Teresa rarely leaves West Palm nowadays. So the chances of her venturing to Mooresville to the JRM facilities to record an interview to air her personal affairs with her estranged step son are…… not good

  11. Does she still live in Palm Beach Gardens in the house that Dale and she built on the water?

  12. So I went you your Facebook page and watched a few videos… the Carolina Carnage vid posted on Feb. 5th looks legit like people are seriously beating the shit out of each other.

  13. Are you seeking something beyond the Hertz (2-locations: Baum Blvd & S Negley and 5th Ave downtown); Avis/Budget (2-locations: Liberty Ave in Bloomfield & Stanwix downtown), and Enterprise location at the Greyhound Station?

  14. What your partner sees is real. However the threat the police is responding to is UNCONFIRMED and most likely not an active shooter situation. Thank God.

  15. POSSIBLE active shooter situation at Central Catholic. NOT CONFIRMED.

  16. It was reported by a call from a student, but NOT confirmed.

  17. Didn't even notice that, point still stands. Good news after almost a year the little boat is finally getting removed today

  18. It's not complicated at all, bureaucrats make it complicated.

  19. Pastrana at the 500 this year was a perfect example. He brought whatever amount of money it cost to put that race together and boom, brought home a top-15 finish.

  20. The OP Driver in all of this was Paul Menard. No one can match his power and strength.

  21. Agreed. That Zaxby’s chicken dude was following in Paul’s footsteps. RIP.

  22. How much money does a person receive if they win this competition?

  23. It was embarrassing. After listening to Jenson, Jordan and Kimi’s post-race interviews it was obvious to me that this race felt at times like second class racing. Not deserving of world class talent….

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