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  1. पुड़कुलिया कहते हैं मथुरा-वृंदावन क्षेत्र में

  2. बिल्कुल दरअसल हमारा जिला भिंड कहने को तो मध्यप्रदेश में है लेकिन भाषा और संस्कृति ब्रज ही है।

  3. आगे बढ़ो बिना किसी डर के।

  4. Thank you so much. I used google translate camera and it was saying fresh germ powder or something.

  5. बहुत सुंदर!! तब माँ 5 से 10 किलो आमों का अचार बनाती थी और पूरा चट हो जाता था क्यूंकी स्कूल के टिफिन की दो कलियाँ बंधी थीं।

  6. अगर आप फॉर्म भरवाते हैं तो कृपया कमेंट ज़रूर करें। धन्यवाद!!

  7. Nope, the email is sent after the payment has been transferred to the bank.

  8. For me I first get an email from LB with the pdf of remittance advice attached on 10th/11th and after 2-3 days I get notified by my bank that u have an incoming transfer. Maybe it is different for different banks.

  9. That means they have transferred the amount to the bank already and the bank takes 2-3 days to transfer the amount to your account. It is the same for everyone.. The word remittance itself means - an amount of money that you send to someone..

  10. I have been working with LB since Jan 2020. In all the payments I have received I first get an email from LB which contains a remittance advice and then 2-3 days later my bank tells me that u have an incoming bank transfer and the next day the amount arrives in my account. Now I just asked a simple question that whether people have received the advice or not because historically that has happened on the 10th or 11th. I am not here to understand or argue about the process. I just wanted to know if the advice has arrived or not which could have been answered with a simple YES or NO.

  11. I don't know about this. However, my feedback has been below what they expect and I have completed a year with LB. Going by what they say regarding 85% feedback I should have been fired but they just keep assigning me learning after every bad feedback.

  12. Is task contributor work similar to rating pages based on queries?

  13. ...that particular kind of screw is called "a rivet".


  15. You have to sign up on their site and give the tests. Sometimes when a language pair already has enough translators they may not accept new people and you may have to wait.

  16. I worked for EY's offshore KPO called EY Global Delivery Services for audit in India between 2016 to 2018. Usually, fresh graduates get placed into these firms for a not so good package and then they go for MBA and the workex helps. I was also thinking on the same lines when I joined but the amount of work was too much to handle to be able to prepare for MBA along with the job. In 2018 December I quit. I was inclined towards communications field and in 2019 was able to get admission in MA in Communications at a good university. In October last year, Deloitte held its recruitment drive virtually (they deserve a huge thanks for that) as we were in lockdown. I was the only one in my whole class who got through and now I have a job offer from Deloitte in their Communication department. I am not overly excited as the pay is just decent but having seen the audit work grind I am still looking for other things. But in these uncertain times, this isn't a bad deal and I may as well end up joining their office.

  17. It is most probably the thumbnail and in that case it'll be prominent.

  18. I started in Jan'20. Out of the last 4 months my feedback for 3 has been between 50-70 % and on all occasions, they assigned a learning course and I haven't been let go so far. Though it feels any day could be the last day.

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