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AEW Dynamite last night 876k 0.28 P 18-49 #5 on Cable

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  1. Trips seems to have mastered letting things build to the perfect spot for a massive fucking pop. Great stuff.

  2. Always enjoy seeing John’s stuff get shared on this sub. Doesn’t get nearly the love and recognition he deserves imo. Best in the business.

  3. Which discord? I’ll definitely consider it to avoid this heartbreak in the future 😢

  4. There are still tickets available at this moment at face value. Presale code is available on the wrestletix twitter account.

  5. I ended up getting tickets in the 300s, but still a massive let down if there are no more lower bowl seats made available for “public release”.

  6. Curious to see the breakdown of this one. I expected the re-bar mitzvah to be a big draw and was looking forward to it, but what we ended up getting was not what I was expecting and was pretty disappointed. Same for the Jade Canadian Open challenge, kinda deflating.

  7. So why didn’t Taya get the match?

  8. Why doesn’t Lando just retire? Is there any benefit to continuing?

  9. Apparently it’s fuck Ocon day lmao

  10. I hadn’t watched consistently in a decade. No reason in particular, just “grew out of it” I guess. In January 2018 I decided to check out nxt takeover randomly (my brother had been hyping me up to watch the royal rumble that weekend, guess I wanted an appetizer). Gargano vs Andrade absolutely blew me away. Ended up looking up some bangers that I had missed in my time away, as well as listening to wrestling podcasts.

  11. Michael Cole seeming a little more scripted to anyone else?

  12. Lmao these comments have me howling.

  13. Yeah but the people pirating it or vpning or using their parents login mean 0 to the advertisers that actually fund the television network that pays for the show and stops it from being on YouTube instead. So yeah. Ratings still matter way more then "who is watching our show without actually giving us money"

  14. Don’t think they are saying ratings don’t matter, just that they aren’t an accurate depiction of the overall audience anymore.

  15. Sure but its an accurate depiction of the audience that actually matters to keeping the show running so whats the point in bringing up people watching on fite.

  16. Yes, but the discussion here is being surprised that the television audience is so old as compared to what we see with the eye test. OP is just providing an explanation. Younger people do watch, some just watch in a manner that doesn’t count in these particular ratings; or counts us as being our parents etc.

  17. This was the Raw main event? Wtf happened to the brand split?

  18. Jey Uso is a raw tag team champion.

  19. This match really doesnt make any sense, whichever team has their second member enter first is always gonna be at the advantage

  20. Well yes, but that’s why they compete for that privilege..

  21. Mox went to the WWE school of dumbass babyfaces

  22. I am missing alot of context here I think. I know Bobby Fish "won" a fight, but whats the context of this 3 second clip?

  23. Yeah this went right over my head too. Normally someone says this in response to a statement, in the context given in OP I was very confused lol

  24. Holy Max! Shocked he was able to defend that

  25. I had ordered something last week from Lenovo, saw this deal and had to give it a shot. Given some of the reviews on this seller I’m going to wait before returning the Lenovo lol… fingers crossed this is legit.

  26. spams thread with the same comment repeatedly gets mad at downvotes

  27. I fucking love that Gunther matches don’t have telegraphed finishes. Dude just pins you when your health bar is diminished.

  28. Top Dolla somehow gets lamer each week

  29. Not hearing the crowd sing along to this theme makes me sad

  30. That was segment of the year

  31. I mean nobody really thinks the Nets, Heat or Sixers were winning it all. All those teams are massively flawed and either did nothing to fix it or actually got even worse. If you actually think any of those teams are as good as the Celtics or the Bucks you're just stupid.

  32. This is easy to say 2 weeks into the season but preseason the Sixers were getting A LOT of love from smart people. Zach Lowe iirc picked them to win the championship.

  33. I’d be down for smackdown to just be a 2 hour bloodline sitcom.

  34. I just got a yellow at home on my couch, ref wildin

  35. Well, the hit row experiment seems to be mercifully over.

  36. Intentionally punking your audience is an odd choice…

  37. “Bray Wyatt up next” ???? What definition of next we using tonight Hunter

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