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CM Punk attempts the Buckshot Lariat on Hangman, twice - Double or Nothing '22

*Lowers face into palm*

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. Proud of Kenny for this but this is certainly gonna get a certain set of weirdos circling.

  2. It's really sad seeing how digital this one looks, for a franchise with as many cool set pieces as Indiana Jones the fact that this all looks like it was shot on a green screen is a huge bummer. But idk maybe the Youtube compression didn't help either.

  3. I live close to Knoxville. Every few days I feel a little bit more regret for Kane being one of my favorite childhood wrestlers.

  4. Thank god Sting isn't open about his politics. Dude could be just as bad as Kane for all we know but he keeps his mouth shut.

  5. His campaign contributions are publicly available and he's a born-again Christian who lives in Texas. Take a guess where those dollars went.

  6. Having a POS with several DUIs involved in the company's biggest angle is one thing but hiring back Punk would be a line too far apparently.

  7. Both are valid tho? Jimmy being awarded for endangering lives is gross and Punk is an overall toxic figure who shouldn't be in locker rooms.

  8. A lot do the hate comes because of who he is outside of wrestling

  9. I mean, if you really want to get into semantics it was Punk that was the petty douchebag. He disrupted a lot for them, I don’t blame them for taking the piss out of a guy who seemed to have made things in the locker room a lot worse for people.

  10. Didn't know he and Kenny had a child together, happy for them

  11. She could easily take her ball and have gone anywhere else in the realm of sports broadcasting. But she’s stayed in wrestling and that’s beyond awesome.

  12. In a world full of larger than life characters and crazy gimmicks, you need a guy like Eddie Kingston. He's the realest guy in the locker room because his gimmick is wrestling is real for him.

  13. Eddie “what do you mean wrestling isn’t real?” Kingston

  14. For a while now Regal has been talking up MJF a lot on commentary, while also avoiding really saying much of anything about Mox. They’ve been foreshadowing it quite a bit

  15. Sami isn't world champion material. And that's fine. He's doing great where he is now.

  16. I mean, he absolutely is though. His chase for the NXT title back in the day was one of the things that propelled the show into what it is today.

  17. The NXT title is not at a world title level of prestige. It just isn't.

  18. What I'm saying is he has the capability to be that guy

  19. R-Truth seems to be someone who is endlessly positive and friendly.

  20. Sami Zayn apparently is the type of dude you want to punch in the face when you first meet him because of how annoying he is, but the more you get to know him the more you like him until he just becomes one of your closest pals. I feel like that’s been the most consistent story about him from a Buncha wrestlers.

  21. A lot of weird stuff happened leading up to and after he left AEW

  22. Hasn’t he also been tied to Drake Wuertz’a bullshit as well?

  23. Mortal Kombat characters should be played by people with real martial arts backgrounds, not some actor/pro wrestler that signed up for 3 months of karate class to prep for the role.

  24. My guy most actors who are martial artists are far from good actors, and that's way more important than whether or not someone can kick and punch especially considering stunt actors need work too.

  25. fr. queen has made absolute classics without question but i don't ever need to go out of my way to hear any of their songs anymore.

  26. Those complaining about his voice - that’s the point. He’s doing the whole thing as Action Movie Trailer Guy.

  27. Honestly, that is not a half bad Cyndi accent.

  28. "In my mind I decided everyone is as immoral as me and would take the money so everyone is a hypocrite."

  29. “WWE’s competitor also having involvement in Saudi Arabia cancels out WWE’s gross business practices”

  30. Fun thing is that Hangman actually defended Punk for his botch here arguing that it's a difficult move to do if not mastered with practice. And besides this, the match came out very, very good.

  31. Bliss, Charlotte, and Sasha probably have the top most disgusting trolls online. Crazy how big a swing wrestling fans can take. You either have people who support and champion these people through thick and thin, and on the other side are the most disgusting and disturbed trolls that spend all day trying to break them.

  32. That's the anonymity for you, lets people say deplorable shit they'd never have the self respect to say in real life. It's more than pathetic.

  33. Very cool poster. The colors and font are terrific.

  34. I'd be surprised, he's not new, this is his second Impact run, he spent time in ROH and he already got a good showing with his viral videos and entrances from ICW and WCPW (I know those are regional indies in the UK but the videos got a wider viewing online.)

  35. Was gonna say, his parody entrances is ICW(?) got posted here all the time years ago, figured everyone knew about him

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