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  1. Here's a quick beginner's guide to what supports do:

  2. Could be a bootleg but I had Iolaus and Hercules figs using that body.

  3. I think I should make a wiki for the sub to answer stuff like this because it gets brought up often enough.

  4. I'm not a fan of either game listed in the announcement, but I do hope we're getting action figures instead of only statues, and I hope many of them are monsters that will fit into many types of collections, not just fantasy.

  5. No one buy any of those toys! After Blizzard went back on PvE for Overwatch, I think they should be boycotted.

  6. PvE is the only thing that would make me want to play those games, that's very disappointing to hear.

  7. It isn't any worse than Anycubic making it seem like their

  8. I see that their site says that this deal will have them making Diablo and WOW figures, which is cool, but does anyone else want them to take a stab at Overwatch? I know that past attempts to start an Overwatch line haven’t gone too well (Hasbro articulation was janky and we never got even close to the full cast, and Figma was very hit or miss). I feel like McFarlane could absolutely crush the Overwatch license. The McFarlane team is great at making affordable, detailed figures and are not scared of making the big guys. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but now that Overwatch two is out, perhaps they’ll give McFarlane an attempt at the license should the Diablo and WOW figures come out well.

  9. I absolutely would like Overwatch figures from McF, because they'd be sick with the current levels of detail and articulation his 7-inch figures have, not the early attempts with the Destiny and Borderlands figs.

  10. The article refers to them as figures/toys. So it'll probably be something in line with the Warhammer 40k or DC Multiverse stuff.

  11. It depends on the resin. Some have a weak odor, some permeate the whole house and the odor clings to everything.

  12. I've seen it twice now, and both times my impression is that

  13. Use spherical contact points so you get nubs to sand down instead of craters.

  14. You can ventilate or you can filter. Since you can't ventilate you'll need to get an air purifier that uses a filter suitable to trap the VOCs. You can get an enclosure for everything, to contain the fumes in a smaller space, and put the air purifier in there to suck them up.

  15. Dunno about that, my UniFormation GKTwo filter seems to work pretty well. Here’s the meter running during a print. I do have a window cracked open on the other side of the room, but not a lot of breeze and curtains are closed.

  16. You're probably one of like....2 people to ever use an actual VOC meter to check if they have a safe setup, and you got downvoted lmao.

  17. Thank you! Yes of course safety in terms of the skin is a part that I'm also very aware off, my very biggest concern are VOCs, but supposedly bioresin has no odor, no voc, no bpa, and so on. Should I then be worried as much still?

  18. There are manufacturers that claim all those things about their resin, it comes down to how much do you trust them and how much can you tolerate the resin smell? And keep in mind all the resin is still toxic to the environment so dispose of it properly.

  19. None. But now sometimes they very helpfully put some generic warning on the bottles or packaging that suggests going to the doctor if you feel bad.

  20. Check your local craigslist, people move and need to get rid of display cases all the time.

  21. There aren't any. You basically have to be an engineer, and then it becomes more obvious how joints should be designed, what tolerances and clearances need to be used, how to adjust leverage/mechanical advantage so joints won't break and parts won't wear out as quickly, etc.

  22. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you learn about making joints and what kind of engineering would I be looking into? Mechanical engineering?

  23. Under no circumstances are you to throw liquid resin in the trash with regular waste. Just because it soaked into paper doesn't make it okay. It's a hazardous material that can pollute the water supplies, kill fish, etc., and needs to be disposed of as such. It can even be illegal to dump it in the trash. Check your local guidelines on how to dispose of it.

  24. I can just cure the paper towels in the curing station before tossing them, then?

  25. Yeah, you can leave residue in the vat, as long as it isn't exposed to UV it won't cause any issues.

  26. Absolutely, you can use a fork, a sponge, a rock, a cat, feel free to bend the rules as creatively as you want. If you want to make a figure stand with rubberbands and toenails, go right ahead.

  27. There's an actual Jessica Alba figure from the old FF4 movie line, but I don't remember if it was a good likeness, or even the right size.

  28. Maybe a flexible, collapsible, modular frame as a base, and then the person can buy "walls" to stick onto it. The walls would have varying features, like one has ports for hooking in ventilation, one is just a big window, one is an easy-access magnetic flap, etc.

  29. Most people don't use that test to calibrate level of detail. Most of us use it to get a ballpark range for ideal resin exposure time for that particular resin (because resin exposure requirements vary), while being used on that particular printer (because light sources vary in intensity/distribution), with that particular FEP (because condition and taughtness of the FEP can have a major impact on peel forces, which can destroy supports).

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