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  1. This looks really good! I would change the colour of the shorts to make them stand out more than from skin tone. Your art style is very cute

  2. It doesn't make sense. Per Mike Costa's latest interview, the writers waited until the last minute to figure out how to deal with the time loop. Instead of breaking the loop, they decided to have Rory force Lucifer to abandon her instead. And in doing so, they turned Lucifer into his father, reduced life to a blip, left Chloe to raise two fatherless daughters by herself, and had Rory cause her own traumatic past so she could get cool wings.

  3. Yeah it feels like a pretty lame excuse all right. It doesn’t benefit Rory whatsoever and seen as she is not immortal because she’s only half celestial her time alive is valuable and she actively chose to sabotage her childhood and her mothers happiness because what? Because she didn’t want the person who she was to be any different? Really selfish if you ask me.

  4. This never made sense to me either. How would Le Mec find Rory? How would he even capture her? It would've made more sense for him to kidnap Trixie.

  5. He needed Rory’s feathers to kill lucifer and if he had taken Trixie lucifer would still be invulnerable.

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