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  1. It keeps flipping over for me.

  2. To make soybeans more realistic, I once modified a file in FS19 to make them grow on rows like corn, sunflower (and in real life). I'm sure you can do it in FS22 too.

  3. This really depends on where in the US you are. I worked for a farm in Ohio for about a year, and we drove on the roads all the time. 100 acres here, 25 acres there for I think somewhere between 1500-2000 acres total at the time (~2005, they have grown since then). I had one day where I was in the 4840 pulling the grain cart to a field for over 2 hours one way. I rode in the grain truck at the end of the day because we didn't finish the field that day. There are very large fields in the midwest states, like Kansas, but in the eastern more populous (or hilly/mountainous states) fields are not very large and are spread out sometimes miles apart owned (or leased) by the same farm.

  4. If your game isn’t updated, and the mod has been created using the latest edition, it won’t work.

  5. They appear to be an earlier version than my game, and yet some don't even show up.

  6. Probably because you installed them incorrectly. Can you post a pic of your mods folder?


  8. I suppose it abbreviates high jump. It's when you jump and hold crouch after you jumped. It is used for jumping onto slightly higher surfaces than normal (like ticket box on mirage). I can't see why it would be illegal, but I can't see why someone would need a bind for it either.

  9. CSGO is a single core performance bound game, so any Zen and Zen+ based CPU's will suck at it, get an I3 12100F or 13100F.

  10. EVERY FPS GAME I start which is really popular with high player counts have these "the game is gonna die in X time" people around. Constantly.

  11. Stupid Actitivion system can ban new PCs for 7 days, they did it to stop returning cheaters on spoofed hardware ID

  12. Well, at least they should notify me that my account is restricted. But this is really a turnoff so to speak.

  13. You can always create a ticket and complain, but it won't do anything and it will end up in the trash anyway.

  14. Update: it has been removed.

  15. i dont eat breakfast but i would eat this board

  16. Still, no ELO deducted. No point of a temporary ban in this case.

  17. You are right, I would suggest to deduct 2k Elo and return her to lvl3

  18. Well, there is 500 boosted ELO in this post alone. Maybe not 2k, but 500 would be more than fair. Even to her.

  19. ELO? Btw stop practicing. Just warm up each day with a few bots and go pugging. It'll help. You are overthinking.

  20. You just need more hours. Community FFA DM can help with this. Watch out, there is a chance you will get obliterated, but always remember why you are there. Not to get kills, but to practice certain things like this one.

  21. aww yeah, i get destroyed in ffa dm, people would just pop out of a corner and insta hs me, are they applying the ch placement technique here to get a kill this quickly?

  22. Yes, they know the angles so their ch is on their side too, but they also usually have thousands of hours so don't worry about them killing you. They just have routine already.

  23. Watch how everyone is gonna missunderstand this and take for a fact that pros are cheating instead of just realizing that cheating is possible.

  24. First and foremost, what level? The highlighted MM rank?

  25. Yeah, a few of us who have been playing together for a couple weeks recently shot up from GN4 to MG2/MGE Valve MM no Faceit. Not the most coordinated which we want to improve so stuff like utility should improve.

  26. If you have people you play with, then I agree with the other comments. Recognize the areas that you lose quickly and find counter utility.

  27. Please people, stop fucking defending this. This is AWFUL, stop with the "bUt EuROpE iS eASyEr tO trAVeL To, ThEY AlSO FavouRIzE anYWaYs"

  28. Why are there holes in it?

  29. You need to study for a minimum of 5 years to become a teacher in Hungary.

  30. I didn't read any of the replies, but how many hours can you play? You are probably wrong, you are in Silver, so gamesense and decision making wont really take you anywhere. Silver gameplay is chaotic, unexpected and non-sense, you can't get ready for it. Get really good at shooting people, that's the real solution.

  31. Because you suck. Fuck you for destroying others' game, loser.

  32. i'd agree if no pro ever would have been caught cheating, but as is, odds are clearly in my favor.

  33. This "Tier 1 pros are cheating" argument is so freaking stupid. You just need to be somewhat decent in the game to realize there is nothing in their gameplay that suggest they are cheating.

  34. Can someone elaborate on what Smooya was talking about in regards of Loba after they qualified and he diss rapped Loba on stream?

  35. man, this game is so realistic

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