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  1. I was offered a job in toxicology or newborn screening, I chose toxicology because I liked the schedule better. Even though chemistry wasn't my favorite in school, I enjoy the lab work.

  2. You're thinking of the Utopia boot disk. It'll work but you'll need to insert it every time you want to play a north american game unless you flash a bios chip and solder it in. It's not all that hard since you can solder it on top of the old one and simply cut the power pin that goes to the old chip and run power through a wire to the new chip.

  3. This is only if you want to play legit discs. Burned games are region free, and since he doesn't want to pay for a US dreamcast, I doubt he'll be buying games.

  4. Worse organization and more dirt than a DI, but with prices higher than eBay.

  5. Yeah, I went in a year or two ago and they have a good selection, but they're overpriced, and very disorganized.

  6. Not sure about that list, but the criterion app has quite a few.

  7. Same here! This and Rez! Who'd have thought!

  8. Rez is amazing in VR! The eye tracking makes it too easy though.

  9. Would you recommend it anyway? I feel kinda tempted but my gaming budget leans towards nay...

  10. For sure. You can turn the eye tracking off and use the analog stick to aim.

  11. Yep 800 CD-r exist I'm just trying to get the biggest capacity possible.

  12. You don't need 800MB CDrs since all the cdi images are trimmed down to fit on regular CDrs.

  13. Can go to the moon and back, that's nearly 500k miles.

  14. Damn didnt someone post this morning they had the first ever supercharged 3 lol

  15. There's lots of supercharged 3s, his is the first carbon edition.

  16. What format are you using? Gdi won't work, to need cdi or bin and cue.

  17. Front license plates are optional here, therefore a mod, and is shitty lol

  18. They aren't optional. You are required to have front plates in Utah, but you can't be pulled over for not having them.

  19. Back in the day people actually RTFM. Now ain't nobody got time for all that.

  20. Besides graphing calculators, they didn't come with manuals.

  21. All the YouTube comments are about people losing loved ones.

  22. I don’t understand why anyone banks with wells unless they have a huge line of credit

  23. My first account was with First Security bank, but then they merged with Wells Fargo. After years of dealing with their bullshit, I finally switched to MACU. I'm much happier now.

  24. I go back and forth a lot. I like the looks of the CX-50 more, but the wheels and large plastic cladding make it look too Outback-ish, which I don't care for. I like the panoramic sunroof, but I've heard the interior isn't as comfortable as the CX-5's. It's more expensive than the CX-5, so you can get a premium CX-5 with more features for the same price as a preferred CX-50. If money wasn't an issue, I'd go for a turbo CX-50; but I think the best bang for your buck is a carbon edition CX-5.

  25. I don’t know if I can justify spending $893 on an console but I’ll try. The only other option is to do it in stages like buy it and have the bios installed and then a couple of months later send it back and do one of the other mods I want.

  26. You don't need a BIOS mod either. If the console is a va1, you can just use a boot disc to play Japanese games.

  27. Thanks for that info. If the Terraonion MODE is in stock I’ll be getting that over the GDEMU since it has auto region patching. This website does a clone of the GDEMU mode, will it still be as good as the official one?

  28. Most game images are region free, so Japanese games will work on a mode, gdemu, or burned on a cdr.

  29. How is it a DE/ZE hybrid? A DE with ZE cams?

  30. First day of spring is March 20th. We'll probably get another snowstorm after that though.

  31. 8gb memory cards for the ps2 used to break the bank. No way a game cube was this cheap.

  32. I remember as a kid we’d go to Idaho a lot, and that was the first time I tried Jack in the Box and thought they were incredible. I was devastated to learn that they didn’t have them in Utah!

  33. They were in Utah when I was a kid. There was one in south Orem.

  34. Virtua cop 2, Death Crimson OX, and Confidential Mission.

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