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The Satanic Temple: Our members can assert a religious liberty claim that terminating a pregnancy is a central part of a religious ritual. SCOTUS has repeatedly affirmed religious rights. We will be suing the FDA for unrestricted religious access to Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

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  1. I see a lot of people specifically blaming your boyfriend. But thats frankly childish and pathetic.

  2. Oh the crowd that’s forcing 10 year old girls to have children are upset that people are protesting. Cry me a river.

  3. That was only in big cities, the tv lied to you. Small cities and rural areas were not over packed and overcrowded. 1/2 of everything they said was a lie

  4. In fact, small cities in the midwest were some of the hardest hit places in america because they didn't take it remotely serious.

  5. Ok you read online, I live a real life, but your right? I must have just made all that up? Bc you typed on google?

  6. So your argument is that everything online is a lie unless you've personally experienced it...

  7. The problem is that abortion and religion are useful mouthpieces to the real goal. And since people don't want to reconcile with what the real goal is (albeit because its actually horrible and will have bad consequences) it means they can dance around the topic and argue about the fingers instead of going straight to the heart of the matter.

  8. Rather than all men getting worse, it feels like the split between good and bad men is getting wider.

  9. Friends don't do this. Creeps with hidden intentions do. I've never gone up to a friend and talked about their breasts, at least out of nowhere like that. Certainly never asked to see them naked. That's not what friends do.

  10. There's gotta be at least one or two that were like, "I knew that little shit was going to kill someone someday"

  11. Fuck, hes probably the kid that tells my party to go kill themselves in ff14 too! /s lol.

  12. While I don't disagree with you, I would argue that the Democratic Party is your likely best option for removing the Federalist Society influence from government. Libertarians have had generations to build wide support with little to show for their efforts, and the Green Party is far too progressive for most moderate and some liberal voters.

  13. What have "moderate" dems delivered these past two years that will have any substance and lasting effect.

  14. This is what I fear. Am I gonna be charged with manslaughter because I went into work and had a miscarriage?

  15. Thanks, I'll try my best to keep myself calm and know it'll pass

  16. Uhhh libido isn't necessarily an age thing... kind of the biggest sexual myth out there.

  17. I bet if all women start saying NO RvW would get reinstated more quickly… Lysistrata time.

  18. This is not legal advice, and this comment does not constitute a client-attorney relationship with my boyfriend.

  19. More so the point of all of this is that laws are being crafted to hurt specific people.

  20. I'd say it's a conspiracy but they've made no attempt to hide what they are doing.

  21. The Federalist society is pretty much the reason why I openly laugh at anyone who thinks justice roberts is a legitimate justice and is not a political activist.

  22. Unfortunately, comments like this are all too common during pride month and around minority civil rights rallies. I've had assholes make shitty comments to me several times in LGBTQ rights marches and outside of pride events. It's like these particular people see our existence and hutzpah to celebrate ourselves and demand equality as a personal affront to them, when the reality is we just want to be left alone to live our lives in peace. I grew up in the country, work a blue collar job, and have friends across the political spectrum, including friends who are at the far opposite end of my own political beliefs that I chat with every week. The irony is these people who spread that hate probably have far more interests in common with me, than differences. They've just chosen fear and hate over risk and growth.

  23. So I just found out that you can be too smart to be a police officer

  24. its been that way for at least as long as i've been alive.

  25. not with that attitude- it wasn't so long ago that the 111th congress under Obama had a 2/3 majority

  26. Well...Context matters, so lets look at that for a bit.

  27. This is not the answer. We need to show up and vote out state lawmakers who don't believe that women are entitled to bodily autonomy.

  28. Might as well go for the Loving case. See how the tables turn for him when it's overruled as well, should it ever.

  29. Oh they will. They've already teased that out. Thomas might actually be one of the dissenters in that overturning but he'll be fine personally. Everyone else, not so much.

  30. Don't worry king, a short guy who respects human rights towers over a tall facist

  31. I see a lot of butt hurt tiny men on this thread but this is the one comment that sticks out lol.

  32. It was illegal in Arizona until 2002. And yes, the legal definition applies to oral and anal sex, even if it is between married consenting adults. It's exceptionally difficult to police/enforce, but it's still beyond ridiculous to attempt to legislate how people have sex when it's consenting adults.

  33. Let's be clear it is not the Conservatives that want this. There are plenty of them, me included that love sex and find it fun. I'm probably more fucked with sex than 95% of people here. It is the religious people that want sex to be about making a kid. Nan religion and we get rid of a lot of problems

  34. "I didn't vote for hitler, just his party". Is basically what this amounts to.

  35. It's kinda a Catch 22 for the evangelicals. If they don't allow the Temple, they shoot themselves in the foot. But at the same time, Satanists, who they don't get and hate with a passion

  36. The problem with this line of thinking is that it assumes that conservatives are operating from a place of good faith and logic.

  37. Yup. That's literally one of the ticket items one of the candidates (republican ex-Governor) is hoping to get back into office with in my state.

  38. Or literal nut jobs who are just running for office because they can and they think there isn't going to be any significant push back. Like this one.

  39. Fuck the Christian Right, those who force their views on others and those who forget the US has a separation between Church and State (or is meant to). Fuck the theocracy.

  40. Thankfully its not ALL doom and gloom. We have some pretty rough times ahead for absolute certain and there are a lot of rights and things we've taken for granted that will be going away.

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