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  1. i need a mush parasol and tree's bounty arch diy!! the only recipes i couldn't find during this fall :(

  2. Definitely tempted to buy another copy for the switch. Keen to play multiplayer with my friend who uses switch to play

  3. i have it on pc, switch and mobile lmao i don't rly care that much for mods so the portability was amazing to me!

  4. i wish it was available in my country, lately i just can't bring myself to play anything on my pc rip

  5. i named mine bulbasaur for obvious reasons

  6. i do associate it with my mom but that's cause i love her and we have a great relationship. i remember in one of my bdays acnh mom sent me a chocolate cake through the mail and my irl mom made me a chocolate cake too lol a funny coincidence so now i say it's her acnh version

  7. i have mom duplicates, let me check which ones for you and you can come by and pick up.

  8. i have white sweater and blue apron with bird for you if you want to come pick up

  9. yes pls!! would you rather i sent you a dodo or the other way around?

  10. bear and breakfast for me, that's when i realized i don't rly like management games. i also couldn't get into the dialogue at all, it felt a bit forced for me. after getting this one i've been more strict with what i buy cause nintendo doesn't let you return games sadly

  11. i found 5 eggs today but so far i couldn't fish the froggy one :(

  12. This is a tough one. Hopefully we get all eggs before the event is over.

  13. i finally managed to get it, now im trying to get all chicks lol

  14. do you need specific eggs for certain chicks or can you get any of them from all egg types? i only need two more 🥺

  15. i can only answer the monsters at night one because that's one of my saves' farms and tbh it's pretty easy to ignore? the monsters level depended on my characters level so it was never hard to deal with them. just annoying sometimes when you're trying to do something and bats keep attacking u lol and oh yeah pls avoid using the ring that makes monsters explode in ur farm✌

  16. I have proposals so I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do. excuse my ignorance but what is "SA"? I don't have a visa anywhere, so it would be all through employment. if I accepted the proposal, I would intend to stay until a senior position is worth it, do you think having a senior experience would help?

  17. what kind of proposals? fellow brazilian here, im a trainee in one of the big fours and tbh i dont hear a lot about people immigrating internally and the only ones rly travelling to different countries are manager level professionals. i have met people from other countries doing some type of intern program here in brazil tho (one of my managers is from the netherlands) but idk how easy it is to do that for us over here, would def need to be a manager or supervisor i think (senior a maybe)

  18. i was thinking of quitting after a year but lately i've been thinking about quitting asap because i just hate the culture of the company i work for, the hours and people. it's not even the tasks but the mindset of the company and its employers. they say audit is like this everywhere, so yeah. i have no job in line rn but i just cant stand the environment :/

  19. if you keep hitting it it breaks? that's all that happens? i dont wanna be mean to benny lol

  20. hello! i have some items i need to get rid of!

  21. Would love all the painting, the warrior statue and the sloppy table if that's OK!

  22. that's totally ok! send me a dodo

  23. i always just gave them 10 non native fruits

  24. do not worry my friend, i've just accepted i'll never get those achievements because i fail instantly

  25. lmao i always rec this community but

  26. I’m fairly new to ACNH (January), and I’m struggling to learn how to customize and design. How did you make the sweater material look textured? Your sweaters are lovely.

  27. thank you!! that's actually the in game texture if you choose the 'sweater' option. i rly suck at pixel art but i wanted more heart sweater colors so i decided to give it a shot. i bet if you start to mess around with the tool soon you'll be making pretty stuff!! and there's a lot of people that post the actual pixel part of their designs so you can try to replicate it and get used to the style

  28. let me know if you use my "design" (it's not rly a design tbh lol) as base for more heart sweaters, im always interested in those for my villagers 👉👈🥺

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