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  1. My family always eats spaghetti bolognaise with mango chutney. I didn’t realise it was odd for ages.

  2. Op, where's this. I've got friends in Warrington with the Rimmer surname & expecting their first child.

  3. I don’t sorry - but I think it was the street opposite the indoor market.

  4. jck0 says:

    Golden Square in Warrington?

  5. They sometimes change their packaging but if it is them, they’re

  6. Amazing, thank you! Now I just need to track them down so I can buy them!

  7. Imagine if you just did it for them, and said nothing. That's what a good neighbour would do. This is childish passive aggressive bullshit. You had an opportunity to do something nice for someone, instead you chose to use it for internet karma bullshit.

  8. One of my neighbours was doing his drive and decided to be neighbourly and do next doors drive without asking them. He ended up accidentally removing a special coating that they had professionally applied to their drive and they were furious. Don’t mess with other peoples property unless you have their permission.

  9. That’s sad. While you sat to nurse someone should have heated you a meal and given one too you.

  10. It’s frustrating as I do try to advocate for myself, but I get pushback as everyone thinks they know best i.e I told them I needed to eat now that the baby was taken care of and the response was “no, the baby needs to be taken home right now.” My husband isn’t insured to drive my car, so I had to stay to drive it home.

  11. I feel you. Had a vaginal repair done yesterday, no one fed me, comforted me, or asked me how I was doing. But I still needed to feed the baby and put him to sleep.

  12. I’m so sorry! Hope you are feeling okay. Big hugs.

  13. Are you sure they’re not knock off Monster Munch from Lidl or something?

  14. Nooo, these have been around long before the days of Lidl being in this country

  15. UPDATE: I called the dentists office on Tuesday and went in today to discuss with the dentist what could be done to resolve this. I explained that I wasn’t happy with how it looked and I thought that she had ground off too much of the crown. She apologised and said that “it was a difficult case” and said she would arrange for this crown to be removed and a new one to be made and fitted. Appointments were booked for the end of November and December.

  16. I have an appointment this morning, I will report back.

  17. Ranch dressing, berries, and hot dogs. She BEGS for me to get berries and hotdogs at the store. She'll eat them ONCE and won't touch them until they go bad and I have to throw them out. Then she has a meltdown that I'm throwing out her "favorite food in the whole wide world"... Also, she likes to ask for ranch dressing on everything but then hardly uses it...

  18. Freeze the berries? I’ve started freezing all my fruit if it doesn’t get used straight away - I was sick of it getting wasted!

  19. I'd check where the property line is and I suggest requesting to see the plans. For a one story extension i don't see how they would need a foundation that's bigger than the thing itself.

  20. We’ve seen the plans and they go up to the property line, so we had no objection to the extension itself.

  21. There would have been a notice outside the property. Possibly OP would have had a letter from the council tell him that the neighbours had submitted plans and where to find them.

  22. We’d seen the plans and had not objected as we don’t have an issue with the extension itself. However nothing in the plans suggested they would need to use our land.

  23. I think he’s looking for help estimating how much to give the baby in the bottle.

  24. Yep, that’s exactly why he’s asking, but he won’t accept that I don’t know. I tell him to just do a couple of oz first and if the baby is still hunger do 2 more, and so on. He says this is too much work for him so he wants to know from me exactly how much the baby will eat and put that straight in the bottle.

  25. “Let me check my boob-o-meter…”

  26. “But how much is that in oz?” would be his reply 🙄

  27. Totally normal! And sometimes the texture will change, still normal. And people lie when they say breastfed baby poop doesn't smell, it absolutely does.

  28. My baby’s didn’t smell until he hit about 3 months, then all of a sudden…😧🤢

  29. Yeah sales ain’t a pleasant place to be tbh in most industries and that’s why it pays well. I just watched two senior guys be ‘asked’ to leave our sales team even though we did exceptionally well this year and thanks to those particular guys we all got most of our bonuses. Simply because that team needs to be restructured and absorbed into a larger team, there was just no room for them anymore. Business wise it makes a lot of sense for the team to be restructured but there’s been some ‘casualties’ along the way.

  30. Thank you, you’ve raised some very good points there. The upskilling and risk taking in particular has resonated with me - I’m one to play it safe and stay where I’m comfortable which has hindered my progression.

  31. I know of someone who works in PPC and has made a very successful income for themselves as a freelancer. It might be time to apply your knowledge to really specialise in one aspect or niche. If you were to retrain you may find your skills also transferable to the financial sector, where the sky is the limit in terms of pay.

  32. Those are some good ideas, I’m going to have a think about my skill set.

  33. Omg!!! This gives me hope, lemme go buy a nice container for these damn shields

  34. Honestly it was like a light switch moment for him. Last time I tried a couple of days ago he just bopped his mouth at it looking confused and just ended up screaming as usual, and today it’s like he suddenly understood that’s where the milk comes from 😅 Keep trying!

  35. I’m sorry you are going through this. My baby was born by emergency c-section and my milk didn’t come in until day 7, it was so upsetting. Keep up the stimulation!

  36. Hmm. I’ve had 2 Pfizer shots and no issues with supply.

  37. It could just be a coincidence, but nothing else has changed in my diet, fluid intake, sleep pattern, etc, so I’m not sure what else it could be.

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