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  1. For a retirement home you’re looking at $3,200/mth plus for a 1 bedroom

  2. Thank you. I don't need any care. I'm just looking for retirement.

  3. Thank you for posting. I did a search before I posted but couldn't find what I needed. I missed the one that I had posted previously. :(

  4. I have always wanted to ask this question. What is the idea of a Stag and Doe? 60 years ago, brides were given showers by the neighbour ladies and the brides friends. It was to help the couple supply house items for their kitchen etc.

  5. I get the impression that the poster and his bride are doing their own party. Things are different now. I couldn't imagine doing that and I don't think my friends would even go.

  6. Do me a favour next time, if you are second in line and you see the light turn green count, One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi, Four Mississippi, Five Mississippi. I can promise you what you feel is 3 to 5 seconds is far shorter than it actually is.

  7. Good idea. I think I can say that I have never ever used my horn. I'm not even too sure where it is.

  8. I don’t have an electrician to recommend, as I do everything myself, but I do have a fan to recommend lol, I really like the Panasonic whisper choice, so quiet comparing to my old one.

  9. Yeah. We had a whisper quiet one also. It got left on for days till it wore out.

  10. If you can just navigate the 401, you will arrive in London.

  11. Too much traffic. More transports than cars. Be careful.

  12. There is a tailor on Adelaide, just south of Hamilton Road on the West side. It is beside a Computer repair shop.

  13. There was a restaurant and winery out #2 highway past Shaw Side Road. It was lovely and they had a fabulous chicken salad sandwich with grapes in it.

  14. I have a "Linda Sanderson" signed, framed print that I will be selling. She paints on glass. This is called Farmer's Market.

  15. Mission store is the only one I donate to and only one I shop at. They are all volunteers and I have given great stuff there and bought really great stuff.

  16. Makes me giggle. 131 comments. That just about covers it. You might as well go to the yellow pages. LOL

  17. Thanks. I had already tried that but it's not in London.

  18. I found out early that if I stop being a christian, you can stop paying money and you can buy other stuff or give it away. Made sense to me. :)

  19. Why are you judging them for liking trampolines? That's like the least strange thing about them lmao.

  20. "The Mission Store" at the corner of York and Rectory is our goto place. It is not a business. Everything goes to help Londoners in need. All help is donated. They will pick up.

  21. I wish you the best in your search and with your party but I am a bit confused.

  22. No comment about the subreddit rule changes or a venue but I’m really sorry for your loss.

  23. How do you get from your house to the bus stop? This whole conversation is weird. There is no need for a bus shelter.

  24. Clearly never hurried for a bus in a downpour, only to find LTC off schedule AGAIN, leaving you standing 30 min to an hour in that rain awaiting the next bus

  25. Not sure any butcher is reasonable priced but I find that I can afford Costco and am never disappointed in their beef.

  26. This pisses me off to an extrordinary amount. Like seeing someone kick a dog amount. Holy shit, that's such a trust violation. Literally stealing from people.

  27. Well said. Makes me worry about pretty well everything anymore. :(

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