News from Merciful-prism

  1. So that’s where all the trainer boxes went. Can a brotha have one?

  2. Meh, you share a bit of a resemblance, but you don’t really LOOK like him

  3. If they are charging more than $100 for the white box, don’t get it. Get one of the yellow and red boxes that say vivid voltage

  4. Who designed Galarian Zapdos deserves to be punch in the face

  5. It’s a trainer gallery V, so it’s supposed to be textured

  6. Can you tell me what he responded with? Cause -259 is 7 hours is mad

  7. People in the sub who think they are too cool. It’s so easy to just keep scrolling if you don’t want to help someone who is genuinely asking a question.

  8. How many posts did he have? I went to his account and only saw one.

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