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  1. 2019 here, night and day difference. I was experiencing a bit of slipping along with other concerns, but seems to be resolved. However, I am a bit worried that my transmission will last just out of it extended warranty then die.

  2. Get over yourself. Not long ago your future wife was wearing a vast amount of dick accoutrement, practiced her cunnilingus skills (similar to the way you’re holding your cigar) on Don Juan, who is more endowed than lot of you, then got her turkey stuffed. Enjoy your marriage.

  3. Have you looked into maybe dupixent injections every 2 weeks to help with the asthma? I know at the age it may be tough but it may be easier for them to deal with

  4. I order my cats steroid inhaler that's $300 for about $30 from an online pharmacy. It's a bit sketch at first and takes like a month for shipping but better than $300.

  5. Good to know. I've been thinking about the issue quite a bit, and have been wondering how Shaq felt about it before making up my mind

  6. New pair of discount A cups tits. Same old pair of saggy testicles.

  7. According to what I know, the other companies did focus groups that showed this, as in the poeple in the focus groups said they thought the price was weird, because the quarter pounder was bigger. And the taste was supposedly to be better too...

  8. Then came the double quarter pounder. because two quarters means more, whereas 1/2 means less. /s

  9. I came here to say something a long these lines. Take a free award as I see myself out.

  10. How the hell did you pull off a you pull off beautiful young women and tranny granny at the same time?

  11. You can still see the bits of pristine seasoning hanging on…

  12. If you want to remove the seasoning and start over, gab a plastic container, and mix water in with sodium hydroxide (lye) for several hours. The mix has a high pH and reacts with organic material, so wear thick nitrile gloves. It will not react with the metal. Once the old seasoning has broken down, use dish soap and water to clean it. The season the pan with vegetable oil, at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour, let it cool, and repeat the seasoning steps as needed. If you did it properly you’ll be good to go, and the pan will look beautiful again.

  13. Is he driving like that or trying to get it in his car? If driving that is idiotic. If trying to get it in his car give him a hand.

  14. Driving. I followed them for a quarter mile, with my hazards on, before they went a different direction.

  15. Future grade school teacher who fucks her students

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