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  1. Don’t be disgusting, all my products will be extremely fresh.

  2. Good one, for a second you had me 😂 But why charge money if it's as simple as clicking one button. Greedy...

  3. To make it so people don’t transfer all the time and so they make money.

  4. Fuck off, dudes a pedophile that's dating a 19 year old that looks like a teen so he doesn't get arrested.

  5. Try not being hysterical, it’s shitty behaviour but calling it pedophile is just wrong.

  6. Do you share a kitchen or bathroom with your landlord?

  7. No, it’s a separate unit, I don’t share it with the landlord nor any of their family members.

  8. Then you are on month to month and they can’t ask you to leave for any reason other then personal use and they would need to file a n12 with the LTB that you can challenge if you like.

  9. The sub does not do recommendations, most of the things you listed are not really your employer’s problem and not something a lawyer is going to be able to get a settlement for and the rest as a union member you have given up most of your rights for union representation and a lawyer can’t help.

  10. 900 is penny’s no one cares but over 10k in cash and a lot of flags go off and they are required to report to the government so both the CRA will know and they will investigate where it came from.

  11. I stomp bows in arenas when they actually have to fight up close. This update will just make OPR fun again.

  12. Lololol, my god you are a fucking salt mine.

  13. Lmao you sound upset that your FotM weapon is going to require skill again. I'm pretty excited for the update, actually.

  14. No, if you live together in a relationship for 12 months you will become common law whether you like it or not.

  15. Most likely terminated from his job and if they look deeper and find they others he has submitted good chance he will be charged with fraud.

  16. Thanks that’s a great idea. Any name recommendations?

  17. That's okay. The fact that you're resorting to passive-aggressive attacks so early into the conversation suggests that you're not interested in other perspectives, anyway. 😂

  18. It’s not about perspectives you are giving people poor advice that will negatively affect them.

  19. And you are discouraging people from acting legally because it might make some greedy jackoff angry. Anyway, this will be my last reply on the subject.

  20. Like I said it will negatively affect the tenant doing that, they should know just cause they can’t evict you over it does not mean there is nothing they can do to you.

  21. Sad, but not cringe. These people need actual help, not to be pitied or laughed at. They need counseling, resources and housing for the disabled, child care services, etc. Also, if that guy can have a kid at 18, clearly I'm doing something wrong.

  22. Autistic programs for teens are an understaffed fuckfest.

  23. Accept any work is my advice, you are living at home due to embarrassment of been seen not working in your field but I assure you it’s much more embarrassing being 27 unemployed living at home being treated like a child by your father.

  24. When it comes to “purple” I got the impression killing was not something that had been done before the current cycle it was just taken to a new level and spread so fast to avoid the other side winning by doing it first.

  25. If you are not apart of the conversation it’s an illegal recording.

  26. Yea, they can cancel it seconds before with no penalty.

  27. Hahah yeah that’s it I’m seething with rage over your raw truths, once again you have come out the winner!

  28. Hilarious that’s your response when you just posted this embarrassing incel rant kiddo.

  29. She will be back probably only a cameo this expansion near the end but she will be back.

  30. Dogs are property, you can sue for the value but unless she agrees to return it you won’t see that specific dog again.

  31. Pay it back, you don’t get to keep mistakes.

  32. It sounds like you blew it, even if you get the vaccine today it won’t be valid for two weeks.

  33. You claim to love this woman but if that were the case then sex with someone else shouldn’t even be an option. like wtf lmao

  34. They can pick patients, nothing fishy at all.

  35. Most likely the crown didn’t feel they could prove second degree murder so they went for the guaranteed win. I wouldn’t say common but it’s not unique enough to raise eyebrows.

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