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  1. Sadly this thread is so not for me, I don't consider these cash grabs/disney+ bloaters as anything but very poor uninspired art. I gave an opinion on reddit, have a great weekend everybody!

  2. I mean the post is about what you would change if you didn’t like phase 4 so the thread is for you.

  3. Bron is the only call up I think that they would do. The problem is who is the next man up to carry the brand

  4. I think Bron, Carmelo, Grayson, Grimes, Creed Brothers, Roderick, Pretty Deadly, Cora, Roxanne and Tiffany will all be called up by this time next year.

  5. This sub regularly have the biggest assholes commenting. It's just disheartening. Why can't some people be happy for a minute and idk just not write insulting jokes. If u don't have anything nice to say just shut up. I feel sorry for the op already. Then again reddit itself is a cesspool. 😣

  6. Superman should be trying to save civilians, not hurt Zod. Zod should be the one throwing Superman through buildings if you really want to have an epic city destruction scene. And if you really wanna kill Zod, then have it be done in a less brutal manner. No neck snapping.

  7. This Wrestlemania was a fever dream. Austin and McMahon having matches. Logan Paul having a match. Pat McAfee blowing away all expectations. Cody Rhodes returning. Sami Zayn taking on Johnny Knoxville. What a wild event.

  8. Funny how fans resort to silly attacks like this when they encounter an opinion/comment they don't personally like.

  9. Because the two feuds need a proper build. If they’re both done at the same time then both will be underwhelming. And Roman winning against Rock at night 2 after losing to Cody on night 1 will make for an underwhelming ending.

  10. I know that she’s not everyone’s favorite, especially with how much she’s pushed but I honestly miss her. The women’s division currently (SmackDown one mostly) just feels flat without her presence.

  11. I think the division is just fine. Her absence has allowed women like Liv, Shotzi, Raquel, Aliyah and Shayna to rise up and take charge. They may not be as good as her but at least they’re fresh faces and I’d rather have them on my TV screen than Charlotte, who has had the same character since 2016.

  12. Calling a swerve now… Bloodline turns on Sami tonight, then Monday Sami & KO win the belts to prevent USOs from breaking the record

  13. That kind of turn and title change should not happen so quickly. It needs time for build up.

  14. The Usos will probably turn on him at Wrestlemania and he will lose to Cody. Take a few months break. Come back and align with Solo Sikoa and they’ll have a Triple H/Batista type dynamic and then next year Reigns puts over Solo at Wrestlemania.

  15. I like these ideas. Doom has a big part to play without rushing his storyline by making him god emperor. And I like the beginning as well with the different heroes informing others about different Kang variants.

  16. Kang Dynasty would be set mostly if not entirely on MCU-616 and focus on a new team of Avengers led by Sam Wilson and Carol Danvers. The variant Loki, Sylvie, the Fantastic Four and Deadpool (who probably have experience with Kang variants in their own projects) serve as backup, and a few other non-MCU characters may slip through the cracks as early hints at what’s to come.

  17. This seems like a pretty plausible plot for the actual movie. I like the idea of a heist plot line for Secret Wars. And the 8 year time jump could allow for many fantastic and interesting stories to be told in the future.

  18. Who actually thought that giving this guy any control over these movies was a good idea? We don’t need company men and corporate producers making these movies. We need directors who have a signature style and a point of view. Some kind of attitude and tone. Black Adam was completely without tone. It was the very lowest common denominator. Made to sell. Not to speak.

  19. That’s true but maybe future movies will not be so generic. From what I can tell, Rock is just in control of setting up the overall story along with Gunn, Safran and Zaslav. That doesn’t mean we can’t get director driven stories.

  20. Lol honestly and yes I realize this is a terrible way to look at it objectively, but honestly Sony simply having the rights makes them in the wrong.

  21. Sony having the rights to a character after paying money for it and having full legal right to makes them wrong?

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