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  1. Dated a guy in college I fell deeply in love with, sadly he got super addicted to League of Legends and became gross...very gross

  2. Problem is there's a way to leave the cobalt assembly quest area WITH the buffs, the buffs that do shit like increase your damage by 500000% when stacked right

  3. Honestly they should just release Ulduar now.

  4. They honest to God need to, the population is dropping like flies, I WANT to play WOTLK but there is just nothing to do

  5. Yeeeeeep, it's getting harder and harder for us to fill raids, people are bored stiff and want to just play other games until Ulduar :\

  6. You dragon riding and you can skip like 95% Of trash, it's insanely fast if you know what you're doing.

  7. This is by design, they toned down world quests after the mass amount of complaints from Shadowlands where people said they felt forced to do them all

  8. Keep in mind they should be adding more and more as the expansion goes on, they just didn't want to overwhelm people at launch like Shadowlands did.

  9. I don't think it's new players, I just think it's players who don't care enough to try, they see WOTLK as a joke of a game and barely try

  10. 99.9% Of the time male friends will eventually try hooking up with me, and they normally start with "I had a sex dream about you" Or just flat out "Want a dick pic?"

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