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  1. You should look at study methods and maybe work on time management a bit.

  2. I agree, statistics for sure. Math in general.

  3. Yes these majors pay as much as engineers, with better career trajectory. 5 years out typically cross 6 figures.

  4. I completely agree. These degrees do not cut you off from anything in the tech industry at all.

  5. Education in the US has completely takes your interest of a certain subject you want to learn and barely grazes on it while simultaneously testing you on how fast you can memorize something in 3 days time. It is essentially something you grit your teeth and get through to get to the industry you want to be in to do and learn the area you actually want to learn about most the time. Four years is a very long time to grit your teeth, I can't say I blame individuals for looking at alternative ways to reduce some of that tension.

  6. I know this is off topic, however, I'm looking at the Bachelors in CIA. How long did it take you guys to work through on that?

  7. Your best bet to get this resolved is to go to your college's registrar's office in person, and calmly, politely explain the situation. Clerical errors happen. I get this is a pain and shouldn't be your problem to solve, but a calm conversation in which you note that this was a clerical error that just needs to be corrected is going to get you substantially farther than just about any other approach.

  8. She consulted her rocks, her rocks have determined You are not her type!

  9. Love the stock paint chips, if I saw this on the street I’d think you bought it right off the showroom floor!

  10. Alright y’all making me regret saying mint LOL

  11. Hey man, I can never pass up an opportunity to crack a joke!

  12. He is. He knows what he’s doing and If he didn’t think what he was doing was wrong, he wouldn’t be hiding it. Point, blank, simple.

  13. Why are you making your relationship dependent on how much you want to do what he likes in his personal free time and how much he wants to do the things you like in your personal free time when you could come together and pick an activity that neither of you have tried or do and give it a shot and see if it sticks.

  14. There are more factors to it then just meal count but yes it could.

  15. First, I want to start by saying it feels like they didn’t have any respect for you because they didn’t.

  16. Something like…. “No”. That might work!

  17. Hit him with the “unfollowed the ‘content’” and see if they implode.

  18. Well, you made it passed 10k. It could be any time now! 😂

  19. This has happened to me a few times. It’s very confusing because the time I shared with those people went really positively and we meshed pretty well. My general assumption is that they have an ex that they are still in contact with on more then a platonic level… and that person got mad. 😂

  20. Your frown will get turned upside down when he gets some dope ass NFT wall art!

  21. Yeah yeah yeah, everyone wants the action but not the reward.

  22. I mean fuck it bro, if money is an issue and you can’t afford pizza, go chill at a mall or like a downtown area or something. Pack a couple lunchables and picnic in the park.

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