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  1. I'm looking forward to CS2 so they stop messing with CS and I can mod in peace

  2. Without AA everything looks shit and grass becomes grainy noise

  3. A few pro tips from a long time pilot first or just skip to the end for a more direct answer

  4. Oh! That's why I can never get a roll and all control stops working when almost upside down, and yet I see all these videos of people doing that no problem

  5. Maybe a better gender example would be Spanish or Polish, where words ending in "a" are consistently feminine.

  6. You're forgetting the most important point: it may have caused more deaths than covid would have because all of the people who now couldn't get a proper doctor's appointment to detect cancer or other serious disease.

  7. 1.) Choose your favorite season.

  8. Kinda infeasible naturalistically since vowels sound shift so much the words would be very unstable

  9. Relight is quite an important mod for good graphics

  10. I'm getting occasional bad textures as well, seems to be correlated with distance to the object. One time entire logis had a texture of some grate I think when over 25m or so away (a logi 25m away was half normal half grate). Also barrels were made of unicorn poop.

  11. Why are the columns always formes vertically?

  12. Yeah this game isn't the same without moda and assets. Also the difference in what is possible now vs a few years ago is staggering

  13. Cubic meters is near meaningless to most people anyway. I’m an engineer and I struggle to visualise a cubic meter

  14. visualise a cube with a meter length, width, and height

  15. I don’t mean this to be a dig at the English, but how did they develop the language and have so many of their location names just totally disregard the established rules of the language?

  16. Because the English spelling system is very old - these places were written in writing many hundreds of years ago. Back then they were pronounced quite close to their spelling, but over time the pronunciation changed a lot while the spelling was retained as standard. In contrast, American places were named and therefore had spellings given to them much more recently so the pronunciation hasn't diverged too much. For example, "-boro" vs. "-borough". French spelling is also quite old, as is Thai, and if you learn their spelling you can see it is also completely off the rails.

  17. R/conlang has several detailed tutorials, as does youtubers like Biblaridon and Artifexian

  18. That doesn't help much since you still have to eventually think of the actual words.

  19. In a medieval setting, 50K would be a large city

  20. Sounds like a Rush song if they'd stayed together

  21. They did stay together to the end

  22. The southern low temperatures are all clearly altitude related - the 1C Romania is in the Carpathian mountains, it's cold in the Alps, in the mountains of Spain, and in the Atlas mountains in North Africa.

  23. Thats not the reason, but i appreciate your try to help.

  24. Spain is more west than germany so at 6:30am gmt, the local astronomic german time is a bit later (7:15am or so) while spain is a little earlier (6:15am maybe). Therefore while the sun has been shining for probably two hours in germany, in spain it's only risen recently, giving less time to heat up the air.

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