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  1. @deadend is super solid, love his stuff. I’m gonna check these guys out

  2. Just got my @bouthalfpastdead Khruangbin shirt in the mail! Quality!

  3. Just followed! I also make my own shirts each year, nothing big time but it’s just fun. It’s such a great feeling when other people are into your shirt

  4. I think it’s all about who you’re with. Are all your friends gonna be at graduation? Or are you going with your homies to the show?

  5. In this new book called When All is Said and Done it’s got meeting notes where it says that Betty Cantor was suing the band for several hundred thousand and Brent separately for another few ten thousand. Anybody got more info on that?

  6. He absolutely melted All Along The Watchtower at Citi Field last summer. That was perfect for his bluesy-Hendrix style

  7. Anybody got tips for getting more than four seats together? IIRC Ticketmaster just sorta gives you what it gives you, but I’m trying to hit Bristow with a group of six. Trying to figure out the best plan of attack

  8. “I moved to Cville three years ago and contributed to the housing crisis that puts people like this woman on the street cause I heard it was the #1 town in America! Have y’all seen the poors begging along 250?”

  9. Noo, certainly not! Do we have cryptic symbols and phrases that may confuse outsiders? Yes. Do people give up their life savings to support the group’s travels? Maybe. Do we have lifelong members who initially were just looking for a little meaning in their life? You can ask them on the lot. But a cult? No way

  10. Really been vibing with the Power Trip “Live in Seattle” album. Any other heads into it??

  11. That one hit me so hard a few weeks ago though. Maybe not my fav song in its structure, but Jerry just lights it up on that particular version

  12. I recommend getting to a show this April or Summer tour and Listen to the last 4 nights in Mexico…..Epic! Start there! Enjoy

  13. I love LPOTL and actually thought it was weird they didn't bring up Owsley or the Dead. I personally don't believe the Dead were at all involved with CIA and were very anti authorities and like what was the end game haha? To make everyone anti war, communal living and like be transcendental and to spread Love through the collective unconscious throughout time/space?! Doesn't make sense...the irony is the CIA let LSD slip out into the public and as Kesey said "pretty obvious that God has a sense of humor since the CIA turned on the world...the irony" or something like that haha...hail yourself!

  14. I think about this a lot. Without the CIA and MKULTRA, there almost certainly wouldn't be any acid tests. It is very likely then that the Grateful Dead would've gone down as just another bay area garage band and nothing more.

  15. Oh yeah, that was an especially dark program among many conducted by the CIA! There’s a really great series of episodes by the podcast Last Podcast on the Left that I listened to recently all about MK Ultra. Fascinating and terrifying.

  16. which moped do you own in NYC? does it require license or insurance? new to this. thanks in advance

  17. I’ve got a Puch Cobra, in NYC you only need a drivers license, not a motorcycle license. I don’t have insurance on it, I don’t think you need it but not sure. Still need to get it registered anyway

  18. Does your mope have pedals or just pegs?

  19. Thanks for your advice. I’m in New York City if that helps adjust anything for prices. Good call on searching for used parts - I didn’t consider that. I’m having a hard time even telling what the brand is - Snark, I think? I can’t find “Italetai” anywhere.

  20. Definitely a good price for NYC! Are you familiar with NYC Mopeds in Bushwick? They’re a great shop and can certainly help you out with any repairs or advice, nice people there

  21. Yep, timed out on me at the very last second! Trying to get GA for Citi Field, it bounced me back to the start and now all that’s available is a $784 VIP ticket... is it worth it??? 🤔

  22. Kensei Level III, Sanguine Autumn. Wear with Trickster Wolf mask to blend in at Inari shrines.

  23. It’s from Baku the Voiceless in NG+; same place you get the Kensei dye.

  24. Thanks! Almost done with first play through, looking forward to NG+

  25. He also combines different scales and playing styles to make very unique phrasing! For instance, using the mixolydian scale primarily but throwing in bluegrass licks from his banjo pickin’ days, his solo on Franklins Tower is a great example of that. There’s a guy on YouTube, StitchMethod, who has a lot of excellent videos dissecting what Garcia does.

  26. Pinks Inks! I think they’re based out of Philly, they do work for the @fromthelot and @deansnuts guys, if you’re familiar with them from Instagram

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