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  1. The Worst is when in arena you put a box at the corner of the wall so others hit it but then someone from the back has a magnet, uses it and you get hit my it. At thats not all. The players at the back also had boxes which send you flying all the way to the back and eliminated.

  2. he went to ask me for 2 desert chest in exchange of 40ss but went i gifted him he ran off and deleted me

  3. when did I get kicked out of all clans may I ask? Don't tell me an enitre years, you're still your old self. I go in cb clans to cb and get better at the game.

  4. I love sedeljisak the youtuber and definitely lumi, aresnal, joshblare, noory, joker,Nitentrogeous, clouted ( not sure if he was banned ) last but not least, kingsyren.

  5. what is one in the past 4 months asked for this. Are the updates just for you guys to make the updates easier for yourselves to make? It does not sound like you care about the commuinity.

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