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  1. Is there any formal application for interdeanery transfers? Do you just speak to your TPD and their equivalent in the area you want to move to?

  2. Not an ED Doctor but walked past a screen yesterday in my trust with their stats. In the last 24 hours 35% of all patients were seen within 4 hours. Where I used to work in the South East (two months ago) it was 4-8 hour wait for the waiting room patients to be seen pretty much all the time.

  3. Contact the bank and find out where it is. They should be able to trace the money/return it.

  4. So it's all just based on what’s in the generic work schedule (even if you swap shifts etc). So its the same for the uplifts for OOH work

  5. ... surely you can't be put on the reg rota without having done IMT1, 2 etc?

  6. I have friends at a couple of trusts who have MRCP are F5/6 and work on the SpR rota

  7. I’m White British (Northern accent) but working in the South and get the ‘where are you from’ pretty frequently based on my accent, which I would put down to people just making conversation and noticing I don’t ‘sound like’ I’m from the area I work in.

  8. St George’s does one £700 if you can prove you did 40hrs teaching to George’s students. (You can do some online bits with med students that counts for the hours too which helps)

  9. So I listen to audiobooks on my commute (only 30mins each way though but I have an hour from October), which feels at least somewhat productive!

  10. As long as the trust are happy to pay you at that rate But if you’re working at registrar rate and as a ‘registrar’ nominally make sure your indemnity is up to date with your job description

  11. Was at an organ retrieval (after 5pm) and they found a nodule in the lung. Spent a while looking around most of the trusts with a 100mile radius trying to find a Histopathologist to potentially review a biopsy sample then and there to see if it was malignant or not

  12. You could be an HMO/RMO2 yes. You’d probably want to be fairly certain you’re not coming back to train here, as you’d need to apply for a stand alone FY2 which I understand to be competitive.

  13. You wouldn’t need to do a stand-alone F2 but you would have to prove you had met foundation competencies

  14. I've taken a year out between CST and ST training, and hasn't affected me at all. Considering CST is half based on portfolio points now it doesn't matter if you take the year out as long as you do some kind of development.

  15. Let’s irradiate everyone, give us some extra cancer work to get on with in 20-30 years

  16. You don't need to fluid replace a diuresing HPCUR patient in the first 24hrs if they have appropriate E&S BPs.

  17. Nah, you’ll be fine, if anything you’ll get more of the ‘T&O basics’ nailed down at a DGH (and there will still be trauma coming in). I preferred my DGH placements by far and had a much better experience there in terms of learning and getting hands on in theatre.

  18. Thank you for your help. Unfortunately that link doesn’t detail specifically what the follow up should say. I know that they should specify AM/PM, date, consultant etc but can’t find anything that says this

  19. Ah, sorry I misread your question. As far as I'm aware there isn't any official national guidance regarding follow-up.

  20. When I worked at a hospital with a private ward they had a form you filled in.

  21. Mine started at 8 (few years ago and in Eastbourne) but they had registration between 7:45 and 8

  22. Happened to me in Greggs last week. Spend £11.15, gave the lady £21.15, said her till doesn't work like that. So gave me it back and all my change.

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