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  1. Agreed, it's a crackship at best. Besides some copium "I can fix him," I don't see how it makes any actual sense for the general of the army and literally some guy to be paired together.

  2. You can like or dislike a ship but wtf with that "a general can't be together with a normal citizen" logic lol

  3. Well she's not an animal - just has the catlike pigtails Keqing has, so it would be more accurate to say that he canonically has a Persona. Not out loud, though. Atlus might get their lawyers involved.

  4. a reminder here that rarity does not represent a character's in-lore strength other than the archons

  5. there is no excuse other than mihoyo being lazy for not providing lumine version in-game event art

  6. Except this seem to make it clear Kaeya isn't the abyss prince and that succession went to the abyssal twin not Kaeya's ancestor/Kaeya himself? Dainsleif himself said "Well, I suspect that they call your (sister/brother) their (Princess/Prince) precisely because there is a succession of sorts." meaning that the abyssal twin is the next in line or current ruler not Kaeya.

  7. i thought the hidden strife event have debunked the kaeya is royalty theory? even if the quest doesnt debunk it, from what i learned from 3.5 quest

  8. What if he has some Sumeru ancestry?

  9. Thats is also a possibility but i leaning towards more natlan due to some coincidences/evidences.

  10. Dont worry kaveh i will reserve a room in the teapot just 4 you TvT

  11. mika namecard looks so good ~. hello my future default namecard

  12. what money based motivation did they have to burn dehya to the ground before she even released?

  13. for me, my theory is it is a marketing experiment.

  14. what incentive would they have for making lots of weak characters that sell well?

  15. Tbh idk, but by how many charas that they have to pumped out. Im sure one day, they will be in a dry well in terms of designing a character's playstyle. And mihoyo is making millions from each banner, im sure that a few bad sells banners wouldnt effect them much. But it still weird on why they cant just give her good numbers to compensate her bad kit. At least it would make her bad less bad i guess lol

  16. As you can see from this meme, i admit im not very well versed in theorycrafting but from my newb pov, its just mindboogling that most pjc kaeyas i see can manage to get 200% crit dmg while for me (even though im also using crit dmg circlet) struggle to hit beyond 200% crit dmg while also sacrificing a lot of crit rate. And since pjc gives high crit rate, thats mean their kaeya can crit more consistently than my kaeya.

  17. I still don’t get why she was a 4 star but Nilou was a 5 star

  18. Bcaus rarity doesnt define the true strength of a character in lore (except the archons)

  19. I’m hoping his 3rd passive is related to the teapot, maybe he can reduce the creation time needed when he makes furniture or he could passively increase the max coin and friendship cap.

  20. jokes aside his passive might gonna be the same thing as yoimiya's passive. but hey c0 4 star is easier to get than c0 5 star

  21. I have a lot of ties for my top 5 in genshin sorter (yoimiya should be higher and kaeya should be lower tho) but having dottore be the absolute last feels so correct 💀

  22. ah yes arlecchino, shes nice obvs bcaus she was suspected of murdering parents so she could force the now orphanage children to house of hearth (where they trained fatui soldiers) and most of fatui soldiers definitely did not die in a foreign land bcaus theres no one rescue them

  23. forsaken rift is STILL legit more dangerous than lots of f12 chambers if you don't bring the right units (i.e. shield and pyro, bennett if possible). and you need to do it to raise your starter characters in this game. the balancing was really all over the place back then lmao.

  24. this is why noelle is truly a blessing to newbies. can heal, provide shield, is a claymore user so it is easier to break shields

  25. this have something to do more with a immersion per say, as lumine main, i hope that they finally will have lumine version in in-game event art.

  26. I know the real strategy is too wait 4 the beetle rise its body to strike for im too frustrated that i keep missing the opportunities to strike that i literally start unga bunga lol and holy shit it works

  27. Its my lack of dodging skills or burgeon/burning reaction can potentially kill everyone in a coop domain

  28. Is it true that the White Tassel polearm only drops from Exquisite quality chests or higher in Liyue? That’s what it says on the wiki and if that is true then I’ll never be able to R5 it as I foolishly went around and opened all the Liyue chests when I was still very new to the game and didn’t realise the importance of checking everything before consuming it.

  29. Liyue is not complete yet fortunately there chenyu vale and blackcliff mine

  30. She's gonna be paired with XL, Kaeya and lisa

  31. secretly i hope they run her only with collei as a metaphor for burning away your money lmao

  32. this is 100% skill issue on my part but i detest the whacking mole commision. its on par with flora's comm. single handlely the reason why i change the comm to other region

  33. ngl i appreciate and salute the love and copium u have for dehya. good luck on the pulls

  34. expected? isnt it obvious? lol hoyo didnt even confirmed that standard 5* charas was finalized. of course they gonna keep updating the standard banner till the end of the game

  35. Prefers the old design tbh Her red scarf..? Looks like dehya's and her stockings/boots looks like eula's The old design have more pleasing colour palette and original designs

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